Wednesday, March 24, 2010

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Spring is so close that it has me climbing up the walls. Heat, is it here yet?!? The white fluffy stuff I appreciate... in pictures or from far far away. Maybe visit it on occasion wouldn't be so bad in small amounts, or from a window. I quickly get over the whole "look how pretty it is outside!" right about when the shovel hits my hand.

It dumped snow last night. Trees bent under the weight of the wet blankets of white, the electricity flickering every now and then to remind us to get some things together just in case it goes out.

My dog is outside racing about in the snow full force with his very chapped nose plowing the way. When he really gets going, you can't even see him through all the snow flying about. He's a rescue mutt, liberated from clueless neighbors who thought a puppy was a good idea until they realized they come untrained. Rottie, german shepard, chow and collie mix he is the best dog I have ever had.

His dual coat is so thick that in under a minute he has softball sized snowballs covering most of his body. Eau De Wet Dog Stink. As soon as he thaws, he will get his daily brushing. His coat is so crazy long and thick that we have to brush the carpet before we vacuum. Not kidding. He has killed every model of pet vacuum we have purchased.

My daughter is currently outside making snowmen with her best friend. Forget the happy, cute typical snowmen most people would make... this child discovered The Far Side and Calvin & Hobbes at a very very young age. Their snowmen as a result are in varying stages of mutation.

I have yet to start even more newspaper pots for more trays of plants for the garden. I like folding the square ones as they fit better in the trays, and I hate picking out tape from the garden. They work out well. At 2 layers thick the plants are able to grow through the paper once they are transplanted.

The propagation unit was a score at a garage sale. $75 for a barely used 3 tier unit. It holds about 12 flats, which almost is enough room for all of my starts and extras for friends.

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