Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Arrived in Tiny Town

 Oh so tiny.. I had forgotten. Can't find anything yet.. only just got the internet up and running 5 minutes ago. Can't get to the farms as both are snowed in.

 The crazy adventure so far is pretty intense. Hoping to have a few moments later to explain it all!

 Hoping everyone had a wonderful Christmas and here's to hoping for an amazing New Year!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Screw Martha.. grab box and shove everything in!

 Not sleeping much lately as it seems no matter how fast I pack a box... the mountain of stuff does not seem to shrink.

 I did manage to thin out quite a bit of stuff and the check list of what needs to be completed is shrinking quick.

 Something new did join the checklist and I am hoping we get a vet appointment on Monday. I noticed something wrong with the cat's mouth. It took a lot of bribing with cream cheese to be able to get a decent look. 

 I am keeping my fingers crossed that it isn't something major.

 Running the last bits of laundry, packing packing and more packing.. I am also making a bunch of baked goods. The guys will be here for quite awhile, so I'll be feeding them dinner. Grilling up some flat iron steaks, herb marinaded chicken, baked acorn squash, mashed potatoes, roasted sweet potatoes, spinach & arugula salad, and garlic ginger green beans. The guys can help themselves to it as it will be put out like a buffet. They just have to sit on a box.

 I know the renter guy likes cookies (I had some when he was checking out our place, and he ate like 8 of them!).. so I made a bunch and filled up a simple glass jar. I didn't have time to make all of the batches so there is 2 gallon size bags of cookie dough balls in the freezer with the directions on how to bake them up written on the front.

 I am such a geek. Just can't help doing a few things so he feels welcome and "home".

 Speaking of geek-ing.. I must admit I am caving... and getting the release of my favorite mmorpg. My husband also likes to play and we will have some down time as we will not make it to the farm before winter set in. It already has frozen the ground there rather well from the latest update. I have more than a few online gaming buddies who have become real life friends... even though I have only played 2 months out of the last 2 years (but have known them for almost 6). Oddly.. they are almost all in various stages/ aspects of the military.. retired, active, military wife, reserves, and 3 that are enlisted and soon to start boot camp come spring. 

 Very odd when you think about it.. when a dwarf logs in to tell you he's ok.. but lost a buddy to an IED that was on a mission ahead of them.. and then makes requests for his care package contents. 

 The cat is tearing around the house as all of this is a big playground for her. She found the plastic Easter eggs (her favorite toy.. and no matter where I hide them.. she always somehow has at least 1 to bat around the tile floor). Boxes, tissue paper, bubble wrap, bunched up newspaper balls.. and catnip... she's having a ton of fun.

 Ok.. time to make coffee & breakfast.. wake up the family and get going.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Out by Tuesday

 Well.. the potential renter is now a for sure thing. He came over and looked around.. and is thrilled. If we could have been out by yesterday.. he would have been ready to move in.

 He's pretty darn cool. I really hope it stays this way. He's even coming over this weekend with several of my husband's buddies and helping us move.

 Contracts have been drawn up and signed. YAY! All of the finer details have been covered by yet another friend who is in the real estate biz and as well a seasoned landlord. 

 I am trying not to have high hopes.. but it is beyond my wildest hopes already how well this is going so far. (Knock on wood, stroke lucky rabbit's foot.. adjust horseshoe) 

 The renter oddly has most of the same hobbies as us. He's a fishkeeper, he's into gardening, he's an avid disc golfer, etc. So the room in the basement that was my fishroom.. he FLIPPED when he saw it. His draw is killiefish and cichlids. I told him that the ph is consistantly 7.5 to 8+ as it was one of the first questions he asked after seeing it.

 The pond.. he loves the pond. From the way he went on about various fish keeping aspects.. he is without a doubt 100% grade "A" fish geek. 

 He looked at the garden and raised beds.. and the first thing he said... "Oh WOW artichokes!" ....  Oh.. this is a good sign! He could tell the difference between garlic chives and common chives. I told him the perennial sunflowers will pop up all along the fence.. and to keep them because then the squirrels don't bother the garden.

 This location makes it super easy for him to get to work. Several neighbors met him (hard to avoid lol.. you stand outside for more than 1 minute and someone is always going to pop out and say hello)... they like him.

 My husband got the short end of the stick for awhile. Shortly after having his wisdom teeth pulled.. he got the flu. As well the antibiotics were making it very hard to keep food down. He developed dry sockets..  triple whammy. After rushing into the dentist office yesterday, they switched up a few things and he is now a LOT better. Today is the first day where he felt good. Since the day before Thanksgiving he has pretty much been out of commission. 

 This is almost too good to be true (and I am honestly waiting for the other shoe to drop..) So far the challenge will be to try to get totally packed up and out before the on coming storm. 

 If at all possible.. I really do not want to have to tackle the roads in the area we are moving to in the winter with a moving truck. Even in 4WD vehicles, some of these roads in the winter are enough to shave a good decade or two off of your life span just out of sheer fright.

 Back to packing I go. The coffee is finished brewing and I expect to not be getting much sleep for the next several nights.

 I hope he is happy here. I hope it all works out. 

 I hope.....