Sunday, December 5, 2010

Screw Martha.. grab box and shove everything in!

 Not sleeping much lately as it seems no matter how fast I pack a box... the mountain of stuff does not seem to shrink.

 I did manage to thin out quite a bit of stuff and the check list of what needs to be completed is shrinking quick.

 Something new did join the checklist and I am hoping we get a vet appointment on Monday. I noticed something wrong with the cat's mouth. It took a lot of bribing with cream cheese to be able to get a decent look. 

 I am keeping my fingers crossed that it isn't something major.

 Running the last bits of laundry, packing packing and more packing.. I am also making a bunch of baked goods. The guys will be here for quite awhile, so I'll be feeding them dinner. Grilling up some flat iron steaks, herb marinaded chicken, baked acorn squash, mashed potatoes, roasted sweet potatoes, spinach & arugula salad, and garlic ginger green beans. The guys can help themselves to it as it will be put out like a buffet. They just have to sit on a box.

 I know the renter guy likes cookies (I had some when he was checking out our place, and he ate like 8 of them!).. so I made a bunch and filled up a simple glass jar. I didn't have time to make all of the batches so there is 2 gallon size bags of cookie dough balls in the freezer with the directions on how to bake them up written on the front.

 I am such a geek. Just can't help doing a few things so he feels welcome and "home".

 Speaking of geek-ing.. I must admit I am caving... and getting the release of my favorite mmorpg. My husband also likes to play and we will have some down time as we will not make it to the farm before winter set in. It already has frozen the ground there rather well from the latest update. I have more than a few online gaming buddies who have become real life friends... even though I have only played 2 months out of the last 2 years (but have known them for almost 6). Oddly.. they are almost all in various stages/ aspects of the military.. retired, active, military wife, reserves, and 3 that are enlisted and soon to start boot camp come spring. 

 Very odd when you think about it.. when a dwarf logs in to tell you he's ok.. but lost a buddy to an IED that was on a mission ahead of them.. and then makes requests for his care package contents. 

 The cat is tearing around the house as all of this is a big playground for her. She found the plastic Easter eggs (her favorite toy.. and no matter where I hide them.. she always somehow has at least 1 to bat around the tile floor). Boxes, tissue paper, bubble wrap, bunched up newspaper balls.. and catnip... she's having a ton of fun.

 Ok.. time to make coffee & breakfast.. wake up the family and get going.


  1. LOL your a WOW addict? OMG

    I wouldn't have guessed it.

    I gave up WOW when they announced Wrath of the Liche King. After spending so much time in Sunwell I was done doing it all over again just so they cold keep the kids interested.

  2. (hangs head) Yeah... I am. I was trying to stay away.. Had an awesome group of people so it was always hilarious, always something goofy. Probably one of my favorites was when one of our healers drank too much and fell asleep in Kara in chess... long long ago. Rest of the raid we went without him as he snored away lol.