Sunday, December 4, 2011

Know your zone

I found this helpful link if you are curious to find out a little more information about your neck of the woods. Average first and last frost dates, plant hardiness zone, soil properties, plants and tree ranges, interactive maps, etc.

Just an interesting thing to check out.


  1. yes - knowing your zone is extremely important! make sure to find out about possible micro-climates in your area as well!

    for any Canadians looking for plant hardiness zones in Canada - here is a good link:

    thanks Anne...not sure about you but i have already started sorting my seeds and planning for next spring - woohoo!

    your friend,

  2. Welcome PP :)

    Agreed Kymber! The link lets you dig a little further to find out more about a location for the States anyways.. ecoregions, drought areas, etc. Helps you narrow down some info if you know your ecoregion.

    lol I am always messing with my seeds. I have them usually packaged in annual amounts so I can still mess with them, but keep the bulk seeds from being exposed.

    I'll see what survives winter.. I have some root crops under some leaf mulch that are meant for seed next year.

  3. We are on the border of 7 and 8. So we can plant zone 8 near south side sunny areas, and zone 7 everywhere else. We have a lot of large commercial nurseries around here.

    The only think that does not grow well is grass for lawns. The fescue types get burned out if the summer goes dry, and the it is a little too cold for the various low summer grasses.

    So if the SHTF, we can plant all sorts of edibles, but our lawns are going to go to pieces in a hurry.

  4. Hey Anne! Hope you're doing okay - we miss you in Blogger land. I nominated you for an award :)

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