Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cooking like Crazy.. Turkey

 One of the things that I am trying to tackle is my stockpile in the freezers. I would snap up whole pork tenderloins, turkeys, chickens, hams, and roasts galore. Now.. they are all staring right back at me and laughing.

 Cooking mania hits about every 3 days. Like last night I roasted a turkey and made all of the trimmings... and I mean ALL the trimmings. My husband gleefully took 2 hours to eat before finally succumbing to food coma. I pried the plate out of his death grip as the dog and cat were circling him and drooling. (The critters are spoiled, but not allowed to beg. Something about turkey makes them completely nuts to the point where these normally well behaved creatures are out of their minds.) I cleaned up the kitchen, which took forever, and the fur beasts got their treats. The cat however was not satisfied with her portion.. so she wandered to my sleeping husband. 


 Seems she was licking his fingers and bit him hard enough to painfully rouse him from his coma.  He's lucky she didn't bite his face. She bit him hard enough that he was now alert and hunting down dessert. The first thing he said this morning wasn't "good morning".. it was "hey.. could you pack up leftovers for my lunch?" 

 20 pound turkey should feed several people for a few days. Not here. There are only 3 of us and more than half of it all is already devoured. My husband could decimate a flock of turkeys in record time. One year, I asked him to pick a few extra up as it was nearing Thanksgiving and they had a HUGE sale, but you could only get 1 per visit for the sale price ($7 for the 18+ pounders). Sanity left him that week.. and when I went out to that freezer to grab something.. I was surprised by 16 turkeys! I didn't even think it was possible to get that many in there!

 The dog and cat will be guarding the kitchen until it is gone. Any mention of the word "cookie".. which to my dog means he is getting a treat.. he will fly at top speed to who ever said the magic word. My daughter finds this hilarious. So she gets bits of turkey and goes to her room.. and quietly says "cookie". He runs so fast to get to her that he uses the walls to slam into to get around the corners more quickly. It is funny.. and he'll do anything to get some turkey with complete and unbridled enthusiasm. That's the only food on the planet that is able to override his selective hearing.

 1 turkey almost down...  5 more to go.. by the time Thanksgiving comes around all I may be in the mood to make is cereal.





  1. You are hilarious. I stopped in on my way from the root cellar to the garden to check for phone messages and happened to see this post of your's. Now I will be smiling to myself in the garden with a picture of your ravenous pets circling your sleeping husband in my mind.:)

  2. They are goofy creatures (that includes my husband).