Saturday, October 30, 2010

Busy Busy and a trip to the eye doctor

   Running around like crazy.. there just aren't enough hours in the day. I did encounter something that I am allergic to.. just not sure what it was! Whatever it is gave me hives.. like Buick sized hives along the left side of my face and down my neck. Benadryll quickly became my best friend.

 So among the bliss of packing, cleaning and sorting.. we have to squeeze in time for dentists, doctors and optometrists. Our eye doctor is awesome. He's hilarious and the whole office is always happy and joking around. No one is immune to their hilarity.

 So I told him we were moving and he declined the offer to convert the milk shed into his new office if they'd just come along. Bummer. While I had my face shoved into the contraption so he could do the light test thing (which frankly made me think the whole time of Lord of the Rings and the whole EYE of Sauron - yeah, probably spelled it wrong, but I packed the damned books)..  he told me "Well.. what ever doctor you see next, you need to tell them something."

 "Ok.. but you may want to write it down for me so I'll remember."

 "Your doughnut has a HUGE hole."

  "Ok.. that I will remember. I may even feel the need to mention it to strangers."

 He drew it out so as to explain what is seen from his end when looking at my ocular nerve.. He drew a big "O" and inside the big O he drew a small circle.. and the drawing looked like a doughnut. "This is what a typical eye looks like." Then he drew something that looked like a 10 speed tire.. "And this is yours." 

 So while most people have eyes that are "windows to the soul" .. mine are like wide open double bay garage doors. After the exam.. I was still giggling and quietly yelled to my husband across the expansive office (that at the time contained all 6 of us) "Hey honey.. he says my doughnut has a huuuge hole!" 

 My husband.. ever the gentleman.. and completely unphased responded with "Annnnd that's why I married you." 

 Frost has finally nailed the garden and thankfully put an end to the endless array of tomatoes.  It is one of those guilt things.. I could have ripped them out awhile ago as we have more than any normal family could consume for half a year. They just were so happily putting out fruit by the forklift load. 

 I have a very hard time ripping out productive plants. 

 The frost works wonders on sweetening various crops.. especially the Brassicas. So today the last of the kohlrabi, beets, turnips, carrots, kale and the rest will be gathered up. 

 Yep.. roasting yet another turkey today.. the last one.. FINALLY!  We had help finishing the last several birds. My husband packed his own lunch which was big enough to feed several armies.. and used 5 very large containers. He let a coworker buddy have some at lunch and from there it spiraled into my husband and 3 coworkers relishing mini Thanksgiving every week. 

 As much as I get some sort of twisted satisfaction from doing this.. I really really hate the clean up afterwards. Every pot, pan, roasting dish, cooking utensil staring back at me in this mountain of mockery. The boys sent containers so I could pack it up for them.. with little notes like.. "Thank you and could I have extra sweet potatoes?" At least I don't have to clean up the containers.

 Next week the guys will get stuffed pork chops for lunch and the last being a basket of prime rib sandwiches. (I've been sending off big bowls of salad, muffins, cookies, brownies, various soups, sandwiches.. and even berry crisps.) By Tuesday... I should have enough room to unplug the big freezer.. The end is near-er!!!



  1. OMG I want to come eat at your place...

    Just not doughnut holes :)

    God speed with the packing and moving. I can't wait to see pics of your new place next Summer!!!

  2. LOL! I will get new rechargeable batteries at the new place. Right now they won't hold much of a charge and if kept in the camera they die. Now I am lucky to snap 4 pictures before they are toast (hence the lack of blog pics).

    Oh yeah.. I'll be putting up pics of the farms. Failures and everything. I have to learn to pace myself when I don't have space restraints. No crazy high ph soil and water.. fertile land.. I'm beyond excited. Just to be able to irrigate and not undo soil ph is a joy. Already know the pest issues there.. Japanese beetles galore to name one.. but where there is a will there is a way.

  3. Lucky you up there.

    Down here them scumbags overbook like airlines.

    The average waiting?
    Five hours to visit these avaricious thieves.

  4. He's usually very busy, but we got in pretty fast. Plus the staff there are very friendly, so time goes by quick.

    lol I used to work for an airline. I was just actually going through my stack of letters from people who wrote in to me.