Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ordering more seeds

 Things here have mellowed out a little. After the emotional meltdowns subsided we refocused and are now playing catch up. While originally my excitement was about attempting to reclaim my own health, it is now encompassing the need to try to help my sister.

 The Gerson diet is one way she is trying to deal with the situation. Stage 4 pancreatic cancer sucks. If she can shrink the tumors, then there is a remote chance they can still do the Whipple procedure. It's like desperately trying to win the lottery when everything depends on it. It is a chance though... and no matter how remote, it is a chance.. and we'll take it.

 So I am hitting up the seed catalogs and making my list. 

 Maybe there was a reason everything fell into place like it did. I am grateful to be out here, that is for sure. 

 The weather is too cold to build cold frames, but... it warmed up enough at the house in town to thaw out a section of the backyard. Yesterday it was just dry and thawed enough to be workable! So the yard debris of last fall's leaves were rounded up, the kitchen compost materials added, and the coffee grounds from in town's only cafe mixed in to begin hot composting. 

 I still have yet to come up with a name. Well, I did have a name, but it was rejected. 
  Krazy Achers  (black wal-) Nut Farm

 I felt kinda creatively stifled when it was suggested I pick another. I was rather proud of it. Kinda like the answering machine messages I used to have to do in high school. A chore I was liberated from when my artistic flare triggered a few phone calls to my parents to see if my younger sister was ok. I thought it was adding ambiance as you heard the saws and banging of the remodeling in the background. Not like my sister really had her head stuck in the railing and firefighters were trying to cut her free...

 So in an attempt to spark true creativity, I waited until this very last second to fill out the Farmer's market ad. Indeed.. writing this right now when I should be filling out the forms to helping to fuel that spark into a fire that only sheer panic of running out of time can create.

 What are you selling? Well... not sure.. but they don't have a box to mark off "whatever my sister hasn't consumed". 

 A huge bonus recently discovered is a neighbor (and by neighbor I mean someone less than 5 miles away) is big into bees and blueberries. Once things get blooming, I will see if they want to put a spare hive or several on the farm.

 The trays for the propagation unit are situated nicely... in Colorado. Where it seems I left a lot of gardening gear on the side... where it would be obvious and not forgotten... and it was... totally overlooked. It's ok.. I found a place where I can order new ones, tomorrow when they are back in stock. Instead of $18 each, I found them for $8. 

 Back to filling out the ad.. which I have less than an hour to do. Then round up the list and order a couple hundred dollars more in seeds. My "start small and focused" concept is out the window and has moved on to... grow grow grow... just as soon as it thaws..

 While some can not function in chaos, for others it is a setting in which they thrive.


  1. Good luck. And yes you should get lots of bees on your farm.

  2. Hey Anne, thanks for your comment on my blog about the bindweed. I'll definitely look more into it but I would really prefer to just destroy it rather than eat it. ;)