Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Not all "tools" are sharp.

 We have a fair amount of ancient equipment still on the old farm. Many of the treasured pieces, like the horse drawn plows, we had kept in the workshop to keep them protected. Sadly because they were so well preserved... they were also stolen.

 (ok the road grater isn't quite ancient.. but I find it novel)

 A few pieces are scattered on the property where the landscape and wildlife has claimed them. Smaller hand tools and the like are rounded up as we find them and stored safely away.  My Mom has a shadowbox like, glass topped coffee table that every now and then she changes up and uses the small tools as decoration.

 Much of the fencing from the old pastures have been driven through or snipped away. In time we will get around to repairing/ replacing what we can. A measured pace to work and then much can be accomplished. Luckily the milk house is full of rolls of wire.

 For safety we are trying to round up hazards buried by time. Barbed wire and the like are collected, or we tie a bit of bright material to it so we can find it easier later. What we have been finding a fair amount of... are steel traps.

 The steel traps look new. They also were primed and awaiting some poor critter. Although we allow the select few hunters on our property, traps and lures we don't allow. We also found a bunch of tree stands. 4 of the stands do not belong to our hunters.

 Keep on coming unwelcome trespassing hunters. I'm trying to talk my husband into learning to weld.. because these stands could possibly make nifty trellises! I'm not sure how to repurpose the traps, but I'll think of something.

 Meanwhile.. our free time.. actually it isn't free time. It's emergency, drop everything, nothing else matters, race to the hospital, go go go! time. 

 One of the reasons we are out here... my Mom's health issues. She has a few health issues, including 2 TIA attacks ( Transient Ischemic Attack). Mini strokes.. like having a cannonball shot over the bow of a ship.. a warning shot that you need to clean up your act because the next time..  could be the real deal.

 Still no news about my sister's biopsy/ MRI/ etc. Although with a crazy strict diet she is able to function much better and minimize much of the pain. When I wasn't able to be at the hospital, I was on the phone with her.

 Helpful little sister that I am.. I shared this bit of wisdom to help her mentally prep for an ever invasive colonoscopy (gotta love iphones.. youtube is never out of reach)

 I kindly told my sister that this was one home video that should be left out of the yearly family update montage.

 I hope everyone else is having a bit more even keeled time. 


  1. Too bad about all of the trespassing, it will no doubt take a while for all of them to figure out they can't wander around on your property anymore. Now those tree stands would be great for runner beans.:) Sorry about the health issues your mom and sister are facing.

  2. Ty Mr. H. The "Irish" side of my family has a knack for using these situations as carte blanche to unleash humor. A learned trait it seems... as my Mom was cracking jokes.

    My Mom is back up and running.. my sister is like that knight from Monty Python "only a flesh wound".

    The trespassing will most likely stop once we are settled in. :)

  3. Well we certainly have Irish humor in common.:)