Saturday, April 2, 2011

Memoirs from the Farm

 I stumbled across the existence of a book about a man who moved back to the farm in 1912. The family farm where his father was born. His memoirs about his life, told to his wife while he was on his deathbed. 

 His farm.. is our farm in an area I now know was called Irish Hollow.

 My Mom has his book... somewhere.. It was given to her by our old neighbor who knew the man.

 I have to read it! I knew they had cattle here from the layout of the ancient barn and the ultimate giveaway the "milk house". They had sold milk, butter, eggs and walnut trees.

 So rare is the chance to find a book where you can then go out and stand where they stood, touch and see what they saw.

 I will have to wait a bit before I can hunt it down. We caught that nasty cold that is floating around and it is kicking my butt. My head is so stuffy that I can imagine what it is like to live in Darth Vader's helmet. Very hard to breathe. Ah yes... good times. Many words now perforated with an additional "b" or "d". My daughter finds this amusing.

 "Hey Mom, what's another word for recollections?" 
 "Do you mbean mbembories?"
" bah.. go to your roomb."

 It is morel season around here. I really hope I get a chance to get some. Shroom hunters are very secretive folk. Many won't even share their prize hunting location with their spouse.  Deer love them too, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that they don't beat me to 'em all!

 Back to starting more flats. I hope you all avoid this pesky cold!


  1. How fascinating to be able to read a book about the lives of the previous inhabitants of your farm. Our house is close to 100 years old and I have often wondered about the people that originally lived here. Hope you are feeling better and get to enjoy that book.:)

  2. It is exciting.. so far all I know is that he had a horse named Bird, left at 6am each morning to ride his horse to school (most of the boys in this area at that time skipped high school).. stole a "bee tree" from the neighbors (they timed it so that the crash of the tree falling was covered up by a regularly scheduled train).

    Although.. this also potentially explains where from all of the baby rattlers originate. Abandoned train tunnel is a perfect winter den site.

    I think the stern faced portraits are of his grandparents.

  3. Well thats neat, a little bit of written history to go with your new place... Nice!!!