Monday, April 18, 2011

Still snowing

 Winter weather warning for the next few days. I've run out of room for starting any more transplants and have been shuttling them in and out of the house.

 Eggplant and peppers I have to restart again. 4 trays were started and put on the side as I thought I would have a few days before germination. Oh so wrong on that. Day 3.. and they sprouted.. and grew.. clear to the top of the humidity dome. (Those Asian strains of eggplant sprout FAST.)

 I should really start keeping track of things like this and post about how to try to save what you can from an inopportune situation. 

 The hunters finally are done with their hunting season. They had a pretty decent year. They got several deer and at least 6 wild turkeys. Their freezers runneth over. They gave a couple of turkey necks and gizzards to us, which I am cooking right now to make a treat for the dog. He's guarding the kitchen and drooling right now. 

 With the hunters done I can now have access to the farm. 

 There are 2 old cisterns on the farm. 1 is next to the house and the other is next to the barn. Long ago they were covered up with a cement pad. At some point I want to get in there to take a good look at them to see if they are still able to be used, and what would be needed (IF they are still functional) to get them operational again. Yet another thing on my "eventually I want to do..." list.


  1. I have 2 old cisterns as well. The one by the house is still usable but the one down by the barn doesn't appear to be.

    I can't believe you are still getting snow. Lows are forecast as not getting below the upper 40's here this week.

  2. yeah.. potentially may get an INCH of snow! Freezing temps again... in a week or so it should creep up to the 60's.