Monday, September 12, 2011

Jury duty.

 Like a well oiled machine.. stuck in reverse. When I lived in CO, I got summoned for jury duty at least once a year. Some years I would get many summons. 

 I find it hilarious and yet annoying that they summoned me again.. and mailed it to IL.

 It was in my neighbor's mail. We only just saw him today (he's an older chap and dealing with health issues that has him frequently at the doctor's.) I am expected to appear next week. 

 Here's to hoping they read the email in time, as I do not qualify... and one can not call it in or speak to anyone regarding this. 


  1. I get one about every other year. If I hadn't registered to vote I would be immune at least in the county.

    Those daily trips to Colorado as in alternate are gonna suck Anne :)