Friday, September 23, 2011

Today at the farm.. err.. garden... area-like-type-setting

If you've seen the commercial.. you'll get this..
Oh man... I coulda got a falcon!

    I've pulled the last of the purple tomatillos. Many don't realize that how purple they get depends on sun exposure on the fruit. You can get them to further ripen to a lovely gem colored shade by lining them up on a window sill for a little while.
  Tomatillos are one of those plants where you need several of them for proper pollination. I pulled all of the seeds of course as these had a great flavor and were nicely sour. It is iffy as to my germination rate for a first year here as the pollinators took awhile to work them.

 Elderberry harvest has been weak at best so far. I have a scant few after the chickens found one of the few shrubs, and the wild birds feasted on the others along the woods. The shrubs are getting nailed by some sort of borer, many of them are quickly dying. The few berries I have will be planted.

 Trying to go out to pick the berries is a challenge, as the birds love to follow me. I had to call in a furry reinforcement.
  He's a good dog and I'm lucky that he's so well tempered. 

 This roo here.. a bird of every color.. Ozzy.. not the best mannered. 
  He has a look alike.. Gonzo.. so named because the down near his tail is white and it makes him look like a puppet that has been loved to the point where the stuffing is coming out. He's also a butthead like Ozzy.

 Speaking of which.. the sun is down and I have to race back to the farm. Trying to find some computer time between painting the neighbor's house, replacing the other computer's power supply, juggling 2 bids on our house... you know how it is.. when it rains, it pours.

 I hope all of you are doing well and am wishing you all better times.


  1. We have been gathering elderberries too, it has not been the best year for them but we managed to find enough.

    What a beautiful dog, what breed is he?

    2 bids on your house...fingers crossed for you.

  2. Nice looking rooster though even if he is a butt-head.

    Going well here. Not enough time as usual.

    Glad to hear you doing well.

  3. @ Mr. H Ty. :) He's a mutt we rescued when he was quite young. He's rottweiler, chow, german shepard and the last part the vet thinks is collie. The first 3 we know for sure..the last part the vets told us had to be collie. This is his summer coat, he has an insane amount of fur (which has killed many many vacuum cleaners.) One of the best dogs I have had.. we worked a lot with him, so he is very socialized. He just loooves little kids. *sigh* I wish he would live forever. I couldn't have asked for a better dog for my daughter to grow up with.

  4. @ PP.. I hear ya on being busy! Glad you are doing well too, hope you catch a break soon. You always have a huge "to do" list too!

    Ozzy and Gonzo are pretty intensely colored.. but they like to sneak up on other roosters and rip out tail feathers... then run away (they are quite fast.)

    I'll have to get a picture of No-neck McGinty.. a Rhode Island Red rooster.. you'll see O & G's handiwork.