Thursday, November 3, 2011

(Un)natural food

 I found this blog and it was too interesting not to share. It is regarding "natural" foods and it seems to be a young blog.  

 My ex-brother-in-law was in advertising with a company that coined phrases many still use (come fly the friendly skies...) and struck up iconic images (Marlboro man). I had gotten a rather unique glimpse at how far the truth could be stretched.. or how precisely orchestrated it is to deliberately mislead. The impact of color choices, locations, smells, emotions deliberately invoked..  Advertising is essentially the art of psychologically preying on the populace in the attempt to fill the corporate wallet.








  1. i took a quick scan of the blog and have bookmarked it for later reading. i did know about some of the issues regarding "natural" and the way the food industry uses it for just about everything. grow your own food, of if that is impossible - buy no processed foods - only individual ingredients.

    i can't tell you the number of arguments i would get in with women at work who were eating all natural, fully processed, ready-made meals that you heat in the microwave - yuck!

    thanks for pointing out the blog - i will head over and read it fully now.

  2. He's tapped into a few interesting things.

    You are totally right Kymber.

  3. Eeeewww! Definitely going back to read some more! Thx for the link!