Sunday, November 6, 2011

waiting as I put the pig before the cart

  A pig? 

 Someone in town needs help putting a dome on a greenhouse and is paying with a live, young, being naturally raised, pastured porcine.  They need 2 or 3 guys.. and I am pretty sure we know 2 other great guys who probably can help.

 Oh the temptation. The thing is.. we have no shelter to keep the little darling. Processing runs about $200 (roughly 250+ pound pig = approx. 130+ pounds of meat.) We sent them an email. If it is the farm I think it is... and I am hoping it is... I really, really, really hope it is...    I wonder if they take interns? Adult adoptions? Human powered greenhouse heat generators? All terrain drink holder/ palm frond waiver?  

 Let me explain this farm.. they naturally pasture raise a rather large assortment of animals (turkey, chicken, pigs, beef, sheep...) No antibiotics, no hormones, no GMO, etc. They even grow ALL the animal feed. They are established and already have it set where they market their meats to key restaurants.

 I dread winter. I'm one of those people that needs green all year round, and I need to keep busy. The thought of cleaning out barns in the winter... is overwhelmingly appealing to me. Something to do while being surrounded by critters.

 Oh.. there I go again. Always putting the cart before the horse..   I can't help but wonder if the sell compost or manure... or would ...   Wow that was all of 2 seconds before I was day dreaming again.

 Time to go completely clean out and scrub down all of the kitchen cabinets. Staring at the phone pleading for it to ring doesn't seem to be working.. 






  1. Good luck, I hope it works out for you.

  2. I hate Winter as well. Was having a hard time this last week or so not doing stuff outside and couldn't get motivated to inside activities.

    I hope you get your pig!!!

  3. I hope the reason you have not posted in awhile is due to your inability to lift your arms because they are too tired from putting up a greenhouse!

  4. I wish! My computer is down for the count. The greenhouse was delayed due to the weather, so no pig for now sadly. Although I now have had the good fortune to have found 3 remarkable families of farmers.

    We've had more than a few diversions lately courtesy of my Mom. I'd be mad at the lost time... if I could stop laughing long enough.

  5. You have such an adventuresome life!! Heeeere piggy, piggy, piggy! Hope your porcine dreams come true!

  6. Porcine dreams are delayed until spring. Some sort of problem with the foundation and the freeze.

    All for the best I suppose. With the roosters occupying freezer camp I would have no idea where to put 120+ pounds of pork!!

    Although I will come spring...