Saturday, July 31, 2010

Finch Filch!

 I should go out there and stop her... maybe after the next cup of coffee. There is a small finch that has discovered the spinach seeds. Just a few feet away the dog is snoring in the morning sun, and she is not concerned. 

 Usually they go after the grasses I leave to go go seed. She seems to have other tastes. She's so delicate that the stem doesn't bend in any way under her weight. Eat up sweetheart, I have more than enough to share.

 She is consuming one of my odd creations. I have been mixing several spinach strains to try to get one with large tender leaves that can deal with our climate and delay bolting longer. I have already collected about a 1/2 cup each of Melody, Bloomsdale, Giant Noble, and 2 others... I think 1 is Cascade? I'd have to look it up.

 Spinach has male and female plants (and the "odd" ones that occasionally have both, but usually they are either male or female.) The males do not produce any seed.

 Consistent moisture is key as an extended dry spell will trigger spinach to bolt. They don't like having wet feet either. Compost is very helpful as it offers drainage yet also retains moisture. I tend to raise mine in very large pots as 1 band of copper around the pot usually keeps pesky slugs away. Also the pot has a rather deep water reservoir to help with keeping consistent moisture.

AHA! Now a male is with her! They are house finches. 

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