Thursday, July 29, 2010

Flowers are blooming

 So I have the odd assortment of flowers blooming.. and growing in places they should hate. My husband learned long ago that I think cut flowers are nice... but give me packets of seeds and I am thrilled.
 Flowers from the florist always seem like such a waste to me. While some may get joy just from looking at them when they are in a room, I get my thrills when they are living and doing what they are meant to do. The scents they give to lure and feed pollinators.. and the mystery of what their seeds may produce. To me... it is like Christmas. A packet of seeds offers challenges, rewards, surprises, gratification, and potentially years of interest. 
 Herb flowers, vegetable flowers, decorative flowers... they all hold my interest. Flowers that are of non-edible crops offer a freedom of just leaving them be to see what crosses may occur. They let me be sloppy and carefree if I want to be.  I sometimes will start extras for friends who are also rather lax in their flowerbed designs.. with labeling nothing more than "Anne's partial sun mix" or "full sun flowers". 
 I use flowers... variety offers a food source for various pollinators. They scent my gardens and bring beauty through their riot of colors and textures. I use them to create an environment that makes me happy. 
 So he knows to skip the chemical laden toxic offerings from the florist and just pass me some packets of seeds.


  1. I used to feel that way about the girls in school.

    Back when I was young enough that it wasn't illegal :)

    Glad to see you back at it hon.

  2. Hey guys :)
    @Pioneer.. you crack me up!

    @ AJK.. your garden is truly gorgeous. Quite the jungle you have growing! Did you ever decide which garden design would fit best?