Friday, July 30, 2010

Nori Rolls

  Well.. I would have pictures if I wasn't so tired last night, so sorry about that, but I will make them again and post them.

 I like making Nori (seaweed) rolls and more importantly my family loves eating them. I tend to skip the raw fish and use other cooked meats or cooked fish. I try to make it as colorful as possible as well and still keep in mind how it tastes.

 So I made 10 rolls last night. Basically once cut it was a small mountain and all of the vegetables in it save one made with avacado was from my garden. 

 I was patting myself on the back as this time I did get the rice layer just right and not too thick.My husband, being part hummingbird and able to eat almost his entire body weight in food if he likes it, ate 4 of them. "I need to take pictures" is what I screeched gently reminded him.

 Then Tom the dill addict called. He was out of weed and needed more for a special dinner he was making his girlfriend as he forgot at the last minute it was her birthday.Darling husband saw it as an opportunity to escape helping clean the kitchen and asked if he could grab some rolls for Tom to try. "Sure, take a few, but I need to take pictures still." He grabbed a small plate full and ran away went to Tom's with several small trees worth of dill.

 I haven't really been sleeping much lately. Our daughter is at her grandparents' home in MI for a two week visit, and well, I miss her like crazy. So I tend to crash a little early, wake up many times and finally give up at around 5am. I woke up par usual, checked the camera and the batteries were toast. Time to recharge them. 

 I made the coffee, threw in some laundry, picked lettuce & tomatoes to go in chicken sandwiches for husband's lunch which I made and went out to water the garden. The typical only when I went to the fridge the rolls were gone. Darling sweet soon to be incredibly lonely husband grabbed the whole container of rolls AND his sandwiches.

 So Nori rolls are good, and you can make them with almost any combination. As odd as it sounds, I made some with shredded pot roast with red peppers, scallions, and carrot.. also terriyaki chicken with assorted veggies was a hit. 

 Just pick a tender meat with good flavor and experiment with colorful veggies to go with them. 

 They were at hit at his work it seems as it is not even noon and I have been called twice to find out how to make them by his coworkers. After I emailed how to make them, I asked one of the ladies to also pass on to darling husband that I never got to take my pictures. 

 Well, the batteries are ready. Figures. lol

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