Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Radish Seeds

 Procrastination is a skill... a finely honed gift meant to be coddled and refined until you can con someone else into seeding the dried radish pods. Did I go overboard? Usually.. but even for me this is excessive. See for yourself...
 This shows about half of the pods I have to tackle. This is what I should be working on right now.. and I will... in just a few minutes I will start... really... no really.

 So I had cut the stems off when the pods had finished forming and had started drying out. I tied them and hung them from the rafters in the garage. It has been a month or so and they are more than ready to be shelled. 

 Many of the radish sent out new blooms just to taunt me.  It is not very common knowledge that radish are vindictive roots. The honeybees, sweat bees and bumblebees are still enjoying the plethora of radish flowers. 

 This last spring Chef Deb posted 2 radish recipes and next year.. I really really want to try them pickled. Sauteed was really good and I just couldn't seem to grow enough to eat as much of them as we wanted. Sliced and tossed in stir fry with the radish greens too.. shredded and added to coleslaw...  Then she posted pickled radishes. I must learn to pickle and can NOW!

 I love pickled vegetables. In Door County Wisconsin a friend brought back pickled asparagus and green beans. Insane good. Made by a family for their small country store.. every time she went to visit her parents vacation spot in Door County she would come back with cases and cases. Most of us would pop open a jar and eat the whole thing right then and there. She was the Pimp of Pickles.

 So I let a few radish go to seed as I vowed to be well prepared for next year. And then I let a few more flower for the bees... and then well.. they looked so cute, an airy cloud of white, purple, pink flowers. Now it is time to pay the piper. The bonus to so much bee activity is that the pods have a fair amount of seeds. 

 Next year... I will have pickled radishes.. and pickled garlic... and with any luck those spicy pickled green beans that are omg amazing in a Bloody Mary. 

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