Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Strains to Fight Surrender- Pavlovsk Station Battle

 You might be asking what/ where is Pavlovsk Station... well.. it is north of St. Petersburg in Russia and is a living genetic wonderland of various plants. 

 You actually may have heard about it.. it is famous for the devotion displayed by some scientists during the 900 day siege of Leningrad in WWII. 12 scientists chose to starve to death instead of eating the plants, tubers and seeds they were protecting for humanity. Why yes.. they did make a movie and write a book about it.

 The collection was started in 1926 by Nikolai Vavilov, a botanist and geneticist.. his gift was being able to pinpoint the centers of origin of plants. His drive led him to gather and create one of the world's first and largest living seed banks.


 Yes... I am seething mad. So mad I can't fully explain the glorious nature of this site.. how much it means.. and the importance of what is there. Yet if I hear one more time on the news about the fluff they spout out between commercials meanwhile not a peep about this.. I get fired up. I mean really... I don't care who made it to the Dancing with the stars show. Very sad when that makes the news but not something of substance.

 Heads need to be yanked out of the sand at some point.. preferably while there is still a chance to save somethings before they get wiped out.

 Here's a link to an article about the Station and what is going on. 

Please pass on this information. 

There is a petition somewhere.. and I hope more can be moved to write in to save this genetic treasure trove before it is lost.


  1. I know it really burns my A$$ when my GF covers her ears and won't listen to bad news or ever real news but will set her TIVO to record hours and hours of fluff.


  2. http://www.change.org/croptrust

  3. Aha! ty for the link Green!

    Same Pioneer.. or they miss a major point. Like the mushroom hunters in Italy.. 18 deaths. With the current economic situation, and the odd climate.. most likely they may be hunting white truffles. It isn't that odd when you consider those truffles sell for over $1000 a pound and many people are quite desperate to find means to support the family. Shroomers have always been extreme in their secrecy about prized locations.