Wednesday, November 10, 2010

cracked tooth delays move


 Bit something.. it cracked my tooth. I heard something, but felt no pain and didn't see any "damage".. until I chewed gum the other day and a part of my molar with a part of the root came out. 

 Then came the pain..

 Waves and waves of pain as the nerve is exposed and not happy. Went to the dentist yesterday and today.. they did everything except treat this tooth.. but today they referred me to yet another specialized dentist. So that's what I will be doing tomorrow morning.. endodontist.

 So now that I have popped a hydrocodone, which wonderfully is taking only just enough of the edge off for me to function, but not be comfortable.. I decided to point out my laments about the whole health care/ insurance company bullcrap to my husband.

 Mind you.. this was a rather unattractive conversation. Both of us had been through 2 hours of "cleaning" in which a heavy handed, but perky and pleasant, pregnant dental hygienist let out her pent up rage upon our mouths. 

 So as spittle flew in ever direction as we complained with slack jawed enthusiasm of the overly numbed ..

Our bill for me yesterday and the three of us today is pretty close to $2000. That's what we pay... AFTER insurance "coverage". This does not include my root canal tomorrow.. or the crown that gets made shortly after.. or my husband's wisdom teeth that he finally is going to get removed.

 Crazy... insane..  what did we have done? Well.. we had our teeth cleaned, x-rays, my daughter and husband each had 2 cavities, flouride treatments.

 And nothing was done to my tooth that has be in blinding pain that initialized this fun family outing.

 Two grand... and that's just for starters.

 My husband is a bit mad. He should be. I tried explaining to him that this ALWAYS happens. Even though he opted to pay extra for the premium package offered at his work.. the bill still is obnoxious.

 It would have been cheaper for us to not pay insurance and cover the whole thing out of pocket.

 So I rambled on before how I have some health issues.. and keep hitting a brick wall when it comes to getting help. (Nothing like dropping $10k to get results like "idiopathic")

 He gets it now.. the coordination of visits.. the surprise big bill for services literally stated as "the minimum health care required".

Meanwhile.. my sister is a translator that is often employed by the courts, the police, hospitals, social services, etc.  Something that she is frequently hired to do... translate to help non-english speaking people to get assistance and financial aid. 

It makes me a little mad.. that I pay taxes.. and have paid a lot in taxes.. and my family has literally paid millions in taxes..  

 and when we need help we get shafted.. while someone who pays next to nothing if at all gets far better health care and assistance.

 So the move is delayed a bit.. and in an evil twist... we have someone who really wants to rent our place. I may have to find some means to get a crown done where we are moving to before the end of the month when our insurance is up.

 Just doesn't seem right that you pay extra to get the better plan.. so much extra as the company no longer covers it entirely but instead only pays 1/2 because the rates have jumped so high... to still get nailed. Especially in a time where the company still forces reduced hours and pay cuts.

 The system is just not right. (Yes, I realize this whole post is rantings from a person in pain induced delirium.. but it still has merit!) 

The pain meds are wearing off... time to take some more and hope like heck they give me enough peace to sleep a little. The last 3 nights I have gotten a total of 6 hours of rest.


  1. Sorry to hear about your tooth. Yes it sucks and dental is a huge racket with all the "specialist" seems anything more than a normal cavity they want to send you to a specialist.

    Years ago a friend of mine from the Ukraine and I figured out it would be cheaper to fly to the Ukraine stay there a week and get a root canal done than it was to get it done here without insurance.

    Anytime she needed dental work she would schedule a trip back home and visit.

    Don't even get me started on non-citizen welfare spending.

    Hope you get better soon...

  2. When the mob moves in and shakes you down for protection money, we call it a crime. But when abig insurance company does the same thing we call it good health care. They don't pay for health, or care. In fact, if they could get away with not paying at all they would be really happy. It's a crime. Too bad they own all the enforcers.

  3. You are so right, the whole system based on greed and corruption and has less and less to do with patient care every year. Hope you feel better soon.

    "What the insurance companies have done is to reverse the business so that the public at large insures the insurance companies.”- Gerry Spence