Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Farm Challenge

  So I'd like to give you a peek of the farm. It snowed again and it was much easier to get to the house. It isn't so much a driveway, as it is a path carved out of the woods.

   The fresh blanket of snow revealed a lot of critter activity. Seems we have deer, rabbits, raccoons, coyote and.... I'm thinking, but really hoping otherwise... skunks.

 A ton of tracks.. all around the house. We are talking critter central. I have found 4 well used burrows one of which is right in front of the house.

 I will be positive. Thinking good thoughts...  plenty of game not far from the kitchen.

 This is the well ventilated barn.

 A highlight with such blessed air circulation is it doesn't have that pesky "old barn" smell. It might need a little TLC.. ahem.

 Partially old design, partially newer additions.. you can still see how it was put together with wooden pegs, and where the "new" stuff used nails.

 The beams are all hand hewn. The barn is as old as the house, so over 150 years. Amazing as much of it is standing, but not exactly safe.

  Another bonus is it contains a lot of ancient carbon for me to compost.

 This is the south field that is getting a little smaller. Lots of firewood to harvest! 

More to come!



  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures, it looks like you have your work cut out for you but the history is amazing...wooden pegs and hand hewn beams.

  2. We have 2 special portraits. Will share that later. :)

    I couldn't help but be a bit snarky when I wrote this post. Sometimes when things are overwhelming, my warped sense of humor is not able to be restrained.