Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Runaway Walking Onions

 Perennial onions in the garden.. surrounded by grassy weeds. I've been on my knees all day in the roasting sun picking out the grass blades and saving the errant sets. I will drag out tha camera tomorrow and take pictures to show what I am tackling.

 June bugs are out. They emerged just a few days ago. Right now they are pelting the window trying to fly to the light. It sounds like a lawn mower over pea gravel.. aimed at my window.

 Boxelder bugs galore, I gave up using the broom and went right for the ancient dustbuster. All 3 houses have them, and the farmhouse on the larger property has a seemingly endless supply. That house I round up several hundred.. just in the livingroom... daily.

 When the sun had finally set and we could no longer see.. We called it a day and wandered home. Dinner was whatever leftovers anyone had the energy to warm up. Simultaneously from opposite ends my husband and I let out a surprise " AHH!"  He was jumping into the shower and was surprised by a boxelder bug racing up his leg. I was experiencing the same bug joys.. except it was under my shirt and ran under my bra. 

 Clothes were flying. Thankfully the kid already went to bed. Not sure how well the neighbor could see. He thinks we're a bit odd anyways. Me yelling and streaking through the house by now has to be par for the course. I'm too tired to be humiliated. 

 It happened at the farm too. There's no one around though. Wow I'm exhausted. No clue if this makes any sense.. and probably wandered into the land of TMI. Time to jump in the shower and then pass out. Hope you all had a less energetic day lol.



  1. Well, had the time to search Boxwelder bug. Good thing, this is what we have in our backyard garden. We didn't know what they were called. Wikipedia says they're harmless to people AND plants although they might "pierce plant tissues while feeding."

    I don't care what type of bug it is though, if its somewhere on my body, it still gives me the willys.

    Thanks for posting! You made me LOL.

  2. Boxelder bugs feed on certain trees.. just they are so very prolific. Chicken won't eat them either, nor ducks.. but guinea hens sometimes will. That would be the other reason I want guineas.. and after last night's near shorts experience.. my husband asked which bird eats boxelders. lol.

  3. I have a number of boxelder trees that every so often seem to collect thousands of these bugs. I got them for a few years, even in Winter, then they mysteriously all disappeared and I don't know why. They are common around these parts but I haven't seen one for at least 3 or 4 years now.