Friday, May 27, 2011


 I figured no time like now to try to give the little birds some clue on how things work. I whistle when I give them food. Hoping they get a clue after a few billion times.

But.. what to whistle so the dog doesn't get confused? I can't use the typical "come hither" whistle everyone uses... Dogs + chickens = bad idea. Even ours, who watches the chicks closely, isn't that trustworthy.

 So I just whistled whatever seemed upbeat and happy. The chicks all stopped, turned to face me and stared. SCORE! Ok.. this will do! So for over a week now I whistle to them every time I get them new water and food. They come racing over.. progress! The tune seemed familiar, but I couldn't quite place it.

 My husband walked up to me this afternoon as I was cleaning the brooder box. 

 "Hey hon.. I've been meaning to ask you something.."

 "Sure, what's up?"

 "Well.. is there any reason why you are always in there whistling the theme song to Austin Powers?" 

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