Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Today's Harvest

So while many areas are full blown past the spring time crops... mine are still going. Even with the days popping into the 90's on occasion, the peas are still going strong. The radish are really good this year and I have been devouring them. I like 'em raw, and tried sauteing them which my family- the former radish haters- love. Chef Deb's blog The Tasty Bits completely has changed that veggie for us.
I have several varieties of radish and will need to save a TON of seeds to have enough for next year's plantings. The greens are also eaten. I toss them into stir fry, soups, cooked with other assorted greens.

Yeah, a whopping 5 sugar snap peas made it into the picture. Someone has a sugar snap addiction. I picked a big bowl full and she kindly offered to take them inside for me as I went on to attacking the weeds. She wanted some for a snack... I told her no problem I just wanted to use some in our salad tonight. 5 ... she left 5. She was dipping them in ranch dressing and devoured them.
The 2 non-bulbing garlic.. when you plant the very small cloves usually found in the middle of the head of garlic they sometimes do not make the head of garlic you expect like at the grocery. Sometimes they are just 1 biggish round, like an onion vs creating the many cloves. I still plant the tiny bulbs and have a little area just for them. The bonus garlic.. when you really just want to pick something, but it is too early yet. It takes 2 seconds to slip the outer skin off them when they are fresh. The whole thing I just chop up and add it to what I am cooking.
Well, I need to head out and pick more peas.... right after a quick nap. I've been awake since 4am.

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  1. Oh.. the small bowl has snow peas. A really tiny patch puts out a bowl full about daily.