Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Zombie Seeds

So if you haven't heard... those that wish to dominate the seed industry are at it again with a little twist. As Europe quickly banned GM crops, and the morally corrupt companies who seek to not only do well in the seed/ chemical market but rather seek a choke hold and all out own it, are working on a new plan of attack. ZOMBIE SEEDS!

Let me give you a rundown on what they are currently working on... Seeds that are totally dormant and in order to activate them so the germinate, they must be treated with a chemical. Although you can try to save those seeds... you are then still needing to go back to the company to get the chemicals to activate your saved seeds.

Not long ago agriculture was essentially an open door. Variety and diversity used to be much more commonplace than current times. It was essential for many as often the kitchen garden was heavily relied upon to help feed the family. The diversity was so very important as each year the weather could be kind to some crops and cruel to others. No matter the weather, everyone needs to eat.

With the industrialization of agriculture faster, cheaper, quicker were the goals. One farmer now able to accomplish on their own what used to take many. Often shortcuts may make life easier in the now... but often the actual staggering cost will be paid later. A lesson we seem to need to always learn the hard way.

Anyways, agriculture WAS an open door.. seeds traded, saved, cultivated, given.. used to be commonplace. Many cultivars are from a sport that occurred in someone's garden. The door was closed when they made it possible to patent a lifeform. That started with a microbe and has managed to work it's way now up to livestock. These companies are now trying to add a lock to the door by means of modifications in order to create a dependency on their products.

Learn how to save your own seeds. It doesn't take much time to do for many, it is very cost effective. Here's a particular bonus... when you save the seeds and replant from your garden, in time and with the right selections, you often are creating a strain that in particular is adapting to your surroundings.

How cost effective? You can save the seeds from even just a few tomatoes and wind up with enough seeds to plant for many years to come. Like this year I will be saving seeds from Black Beauty zucchini. I will hand pollinate and bag the blooms to control seed purity. Just 1 zucchini that is well pollinated will offer enough seeds for me to not have to do it again for 10 years... and that is having more than enough plants for my family and many friends. To minimize genetic bottlenecking.. I will be saving from 5 fruit from different plants.

Well, that is the heads up on where commercial seeds are headed. Even if seed saving does not interest you, it is something to be aware of as it too may effect what you and your family eat.

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