Friday, June 4, 2010

Why I was vegetarian

This is incredibly disturbing... and way more common than most realize. I kind of laugh because my friend (from previous post) used to tease me for being vegetarian and then later vegan has now finally (20 years later) bothered to see what goes on. Not that it will make her reconsider her purchasing options (ironically... she is minutes away from farms with CSA opportunities. Farms she can get to know the people who raise the animals... but alas... it is not as convenient as the grocery store).

She posted it on FB... and I pretty much made a comment. Had to... lol.. tad bit of revenge for the ruthless mockery for so many years... the PETA geek comments... hippy dork. It has nothing to do with fad/ trend w/e... it is about not living in a bubble and not supporting that industry because one is to lazy to acknowledge it.

Here is the video. Very graphic... very very disturbing and sadly not uncommon.

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