Thursday, November 18, 2010

The flying fence

 Sorry.. still busy with sorting, packing and the ever fun dentist trips. I've been at the dentist so many times that I should just move in. I never knew getting a root canal and a crown was this time consuming. One tooth for Pete's sake! 

Unfortunately, we will be here for Thanksgiving. The bummer is that it is because the only time my husband could get for an appointment to get his wisdom teeth pulled... is the day before Thanksgiving. 

 We have had our fill of turkey for several months.. so that is no big deal. I can't wait for Christmas! My sister and her family will be joining ours. I will be doing almost all of the cooking. I don't mind, plus I really don't want to be surprised by something like carob cake. She can tackle the wine.. and as silly as this sounds.. Pictionary. 

 The guys will try to separate us sisters when it comes to Pictionary. We have an unnatural gift to draw just 1 line or even a dot.. and know what our sister is drawing. My next older sister (the one coming for X-mas).. her 1st husband was in advertising. He is a "creative" and well.. from his talents he created quite a name for himself. Anyways.. he would COMPLETELY freak out. It was hilarious. He was fast.. and amazing at drawing.. and would lose every time. Mr. Cool would lose absolutely every shred of composure and throw a tantrum that would rival a 3 year old. It was beautiful.. and one of the things I used to totally look forward to when we got together. If we guessed it before our sister even drew anything.. oh boy would it hit the fan!

 Her current husband is well, pretty mellow. He has no idea what he's in for.. lol.

 I've also been digging up a few plants and gave them to a friend. He's excited for spring now, and I hope they all make it. So far he's gotten 2 hydrangeas, 6 artichokes, garlic chives, day lilies, Siberian irises, chives, sage, hops, 2 birch seedlings, 2 bur oak seedlings, and an Austrian pine seedling. Trees here need to be babied for them to even have a chance.

 So we had a big wind storm here the other day. The intensity was enough to make the house constantly shudder, the trees twisted in complaint, and the windows sounded like massive harmonicas. 

 I was outside today cleaning up the yard as the winds also seem to have liberated some shingles.. and that's when I noticed the fence. Several sections of it are leaning at a 65 degree angle towards the sidewalk. Not good.

 Right now I am trying to track down my wandering husband as he is out playing disc golf with the guys. I am hoping he can do something to secure it a bit before the parade of school kids starts. A lilting fence is too much temptation for them, and the last thing I'd want is one of them to get hurt by it.

 So while I wait for his call.. I am going to head back out there to straighten out the beds. Is it wrong of me to be giggling as I bury tons of radish pods, arugula pods, gourds, pumpkins, tomatoes, and the like? I know full well all of these will be sending up volunteers galore come spring. 

 Here's to hoping they really love radishes and arugula. 

 Well.. I had better get back out there while the sun still is keeping the chill out of the air. Once it starts to drop in the sky the cold grows some teeth and you really feel it's nip. 


  1. I don't believe you. I believe it is physically impossible to get tired of turkey.... Cannot happen...

  2. I feel sorry for your husband about getting his wisdom teeth pulled, but I am sure he will enjoy those radishes in the spring.