Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

 I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

 We are kind of skipping it this year.. or delaying it I guess. My husband had his 4 wisdom teeth pulled yesterday and he's the turkey fanatic around here, but for the next little while all he can handle is soft foods.

 We are hoping for the best as we have someone coming tomorrow to look at the house. It just kinda popped up on Wednesday.. so leisurely packing is out the window and we are now in overdrive. My hopes to be completely organized while packing is slowly slipping my grasp. 

 My next older sister couldn't be more excited. She's been calling several times a day asking when exactly we will be out there. She's offered to help unpack, wants to throw a family dinner party when we get there.. has even scoped out shops, pediatricians, you name it. She wants to know exactly when.. so she can run to the grocery store and stock up the fridge for us and turn up the heat so it will be comfortable.

 Sometimes.. my sister.. is just awesome. 

 She's lived in several countries and is nothing short of amazing when it comes to packing up a whole household and moving it to the other side of the planet in record time. It is hard to believe we are related.  

 I admit.. I miss this kind of attention. For as insane as my family can be.. this over attention to detail and exuberance that you are there.. it makes you spoiled. I am grateful for this, and I am thankful that these nutcases are my family.

 The pendulum swings both ways.. so don't be surprised when I start using enough expletives to make a biker blush. 

 December 1st I think is my last check-up... and then we should be on our way.

 It is a funny thing.. when you have family like mine.. gifts don't matter. We've gone through both extremes, but the highlights and what was remembered has never been the gifts.. but the fun and endless teasing is always recalled.

 No doubt, something will happen and my Mom will yell at one of us girls. In her frustration she will go through the list of names until she hits the right one. That quirk I find endlessly funny.. and my best friend's mother does it as well. What's priceless about that is she has a brother, but her Mom as well runs through the list in order.

 I hope everyone has an equally happy day. 

 Back to packing I go!

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