Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Little Nip

 It is taking me forever to pack. I'm working on the basement.. which is where many of our tools are for our various interests. The day was a little chilly but I still left the sliding door opened so the cat could come and go.. and the dog will just shove the door wide open if he needs to get out.

 I had pulled out the mountain of stashed plastic grocery bags to help contain the many hanks of beads I have. Right as I was putting one sorted and packaged bag into a box, a gray fiend went for the kill. She dove right into the plastic bags sending them flying. This time of year, static is a big issue and in her insanity she got her head through one bag's handle, freaked out, and dashed away.. with 2 more bags stuck to her by the static.

 Someone was hitting the nip.

 She definitely makes packing interesting. She's been sitting on the highest stack of boxes in whatever room she is in.. stalking us from behind them.. and often jumping in every box she can. The only time she does this though, is after she has gotten her fix from the catnip growing like crazy in our yard.

 I made sure today to cut enough of it so she'll get her fix until I get a patch established at the farm. I have to thumbtack the bunch to dry to the ceiling so she can't and won't try to get it. 

 The 2 of the raised beds are ready to go for the most part for whoever moves in. I'm really hoping this one person in particular does. The plant debris was turned under, compost was spread across them all, then a couple of layers of newspaper and topped off with coffee grounds. 

 I won't be able to post much for a little while. We are coming down to the final stretch and the delays have put us smack dab in the middle of the holidays to boot. The more I can sort and donate, the easier it will be when we get there... that's what I keep telling myself. 

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  1. Godspeed with the packing and moving and duct tape works wonders on an unruly cat :)

    Sasha goes insane whenever we are outside together and attacks with relish. Inside all she does is eat and steal my computer chair every time I move.

    Can't wait to see your pics of the new place.