Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chef Daniel Klein and The Perennial Plate Series

 I just find his videos informative, uplifting and inspiring as he brings to light so many dedicated people making amazing things. I think I have watched every one of them at least twice.

he Perennial Plate Episode 15: Farm to Market from Daniel Klein on Vimeo.


  1. I think if they were clearing 20K as a small farm they would be OK. So I wonder about her statement in the video. 20K after expenses should be anything to sneeze at considering it comes with land and being your own boss.

    Perhaps I am just not greedy though :)

  2. 20k total for the both of them. They are still starting out and with such a small income it makes development a very measured task.

    I don't see it as greedy when you realize that for all of their work, their income is significantly less than minimum wage. Even with being very frugal... it doesn't leave much to save away for those emergency moments.

  3. Thnak you for sharing this great video, I look forward to checking out more of them. I liked seeing how they clean the veggies, I always wondered how they wash the greens and roots without damaging it anything.