Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gabloop.... woosh Baking and OMGWHATISTHAT?

  That has to be the best sound ever when you are dealing with sewer line issues. After 5 buckets of roots, it is a sound we finally heard.

 So slated on our "to do list" for this year is removing the massive evergreen shrubs and possibly the tree in the front yard of the small house. After I know what the sun exposure is like, and have the lines marked in the yard, I will be able to figure out how to replant it.

 Another interesting encounter is several run-ins with house centipedes. 
 Although the urge to run away screaming squish them is the first reaction, these bugs are insectivores. They'll eat anything their own size and smaller. The mandibles are modified front legs that actually contain their bug slaying arsenal of venom. I have been reassured that it is extremely rare that they can actually puncture human skin, and even if by some freakish chance they did, the result would be similar to a bee sting.  The ones in the small house... they are huge. Huge and fast... really fast. The size and speed has caused each and every one of us to let out some sort of humiliating yell. I really wish I could have recorded it.

 I have been on a baking frenzy. (It is so very nice to not have to alter things to accommodate high altitude conditions.) Right before the last big blast of snow I had made a huge stock pot full of stew and a plethora of rolls. Herb rolls, garlicky rolls... and cinnamon rolls. (The cinnamon rolls I had cut and placed in muffin tins, and then froze them. That way I can take out however many I want the night before. Overnight the rolls will thaw and go through their final rise, so in the morning all I have to do is turn on the oven.)

 I packed up several portions worth for my Mom of the beef stew, the various rolls, a huge salad, and a small pasta bake. Although she isn't far away, the storm encased the small farm in 5 foot snow drifts (thank you neighbor for digging her out!) 

 The small house was surrounded by 3 foot snowdrifts, which we spent the better part of the day relocating. Everyone who could get out was out and helping dig out each other. We dug out our neighbor who is an older gentleman bachelor. I brought him over some stew, salad and rolls.

 My Mom asked if I'd make more. I told her it was no problem, I just will need to get more flour shortly. Next thing I know, our neighbor stopped by with 2  25lbs bags of flour and a large container of cinnamon.

 I keep a starter culture going all the time and this is what I use for my yeast breads.

 From this I make our pizza doughs, cinnamon rolls, herb breads, etc. While my daughter has helped in the past, she never tried to make anything on her own until just the other day. She asked a few questions but otherwise insisted she do it on her own.

 I managed to snap a shot before my daughter and husband devoured it entirely. 

 She is having a blast baking now. She liked baking before, but this is her first go at yeast risen doughs. She did an amazing job for not having a recipe to follow and just feeling her way around the process. (I am so proud!)  Now if only she would clean up afterward just as well...

 We don't generally eat this much wheat. After a visit to my sister's house, my daughter discovered she loves rye breads. That may be slated in on our menu soon... especially as rueben sandwiches are my husband's favorite.

 I am almost ready for that spring thaw...


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  1. OMG Invite me up for ruebens please!!!

    Lol glad your getting dug out and baked in. I will be cheering Spring with you as well.