Friday, February 18, 2011

Quick Chaos Break

 Right after my last post I managed to creatively use heavy bakeware to break a toe. I'm chalking that one up to stupid moments I hope to never have happen again... it is running a solid 2nd place. (First place was the asymmetrical hairstyle... courtesy of a very convincing, wicked little sister.)

 So our ever perky older neighbor lady was oddly not near the side door to make small talk every time we take the dog out. She was missing for quite a few days. It turns out she had a stroke... but they caught it relatively quickly. It effected her leg, but she is bouncing back at blazing speeds. I mean this woman is not letting anything slow her down! 

 So while I was chatting to my sister in NY about her amazing recovery... my sister tells me she just lost 2 very close friends to heart attacks. Both of her friends were in their mid thirties and one in particular very recently was showing her pictures of his 4th child, who is only a few months old.

 Then call waiting beeps...

 My sister in Wisconsin is in the ER. Short version is thankfully a neighbor found her as she was unconscious for quite a few hours. Her pancreas was destroying itself, although that is a secondary symptom from what they have deduced so far. By "they" I mean my sister and her husband.

 So far... the medical staff out here can't find their butt with 2 hands and a map.

 I swear... "idiopathic" is their favorite "diagnosis". It is a single word that translated means... get another doctor. A favorite cop out for those who are too mentally flaccid to do their job well... if at all. If everyone had the same lax approach to their jobs... imagine how the world would be. 

 "Well, we ran some tests on your car and have concluded it is idiopathic." (Followed by the mechanic thrusting their hand out for exorbitant payment... )

 It dawned on me that the attraction to the show House... is that there could possibly be a doctor out there that was driven to figure out what was wrong. Not saying it would be an enjoyable experience... but to have someone just as driven to find out and fix what is wrong... is a lovely pipe dream.

 I just love when they assume you don't know what it means and then hop on their pedestal to declare the definition. 

 My sister.. who has been unable to eat or drink ANYTHING and is in extreme pain.. lost her composure. That is a rarity. She always is polite... she could be missing appendages and she'd still be even keeled.

 Let's just say I was proud. 

 A biopsy was taken and in 7 days the results should be back. For now we are just hoping to get her to be able to keep water down, but until she can, she is on an IV. 


  1. Pancreas pain sucks big time. Believe me it is the worse pain I have ever felt and I have a very high pain tolerance. I hope they figure it out.

    What kind of expletives did you yell when the bakeware attacked your toe?

  2. Wow, I'm so sorry to hear this about your sister and will be hoping for the best. Hope that toe isn't too bad...ouch.