Saturday, October 1, 2011

Collapse movie..

 Why.. have I never encountered this before??!!! 

I watched it.. and yelled "EXACTLY!!!!!!!"

He gets it.. he got it...       YES!!!!!!

 Thank you Arsenius... this movie was, indeed amazing.

I'm still reeling..  

 My focus.. although myopic compared to his mind blowing scale.. was seeing a huge rift in agriculture... the decline.. the loss of common sense.. the huge expansive problem looming in the distance coming ever closer. Myopic in that politics are like nails on a chalkboard to me.. however the clear and present failings in environment, food, resources... It is right there, staring at us unblinking.. if you just look up.

 Just a few days ago I was battling the wind, trying to get something, anything done in spite of the weather.. and I paused in frustration.. wondering "Why I am doing this? Why am I drawn to it? Is there a point, a purpose for what I do? Why do I care?"

 It is wanting to provide my family with unadulterated food, it is seeing the potentially impending need tomorrow for what I do today.

 It is hard work. Realization of scale when you are trying to accomplish so much without, or with extremely little use of oil...   It is a learning experience. 

 While I do wish I could throw money at it all... buy the compost, buy the tiller, buy, buy, buy... a fast start, gardening's version of instant gratification...   I am appreciating having to push doing what I know and working around what is not available. I get a kick out of that... It's nice to realize it isn't in vain. 




  1. I have never see this video either but look forward to viewing the videos you have posted. Thanks.

  2. Anne, I thought you might find that interesting. Your own posting dovetail nicely with the premise of the documentary.

  3. Mr. H.. the movie really offers a lot to think about.. and to me it reinforces purpose of the action beyond just principals/ ethics of why to do it.

    @ AH.. ty ty ty. Really.. an eye opener. I'm rather a curmudgeon.. and can't help but see chinks in the armor. Ecology has always been a big one, and the human effect. Can't help but to need to know more.. see the bigger picture. Really, sometimes I wish I could stop and just see things skin deep. It is also why my stance changes.. as I get more information.. and need to know more. Never sure if that is a blessing or a curse.

  4. I watched it on net flicks last week. I pretty much agree with his whole premise. He needs to stop smoking so much on camera.

    One reason there are so many black swans these days is that any little thing happening, no matter where, effects millions now it seems.

    Get ready to batten down the hatches.

  5. We watched the whole video...very interesting and it does indeed remind one why self-sufficient living will be more and more important going into the future.