Monday, October 3, 2011

Isabel the virtuous and the pissed off percolator

 I have a rooster admirer. Growly. 

From the moment I let them out, he follows me everywhere. All day long he growls, stamps his feet at my husband in the "back off buddy" kinda way, cock-a-doodle-doo's 20 times in a row off the railing where we have our coffee, hops the fence to hang out with me in the garden, and on rare occasions is distracted by Izzy (Isabel)- who launches herself on to my head in an attempt to preserve her virtue.
Izzy the virtuous on a breezy day
  I've given up even bothering to brush my hair until after the chickens have been let out, watered, fed, and distracted by treats stashed around the yard. Izzy has no problems launching herself on top of my husband's head.. and he is 6'4"! She's fast, agile, and clever.. which is why she has all of her feathers.

  Growly is rather middle of the pecking order. He's a chunky boy, a bulldozer with feathers. I'm trying to figure out what the heck he is doing, as in what do these behaviors mean.. He's making nests in various locations near me prattling on like a pissed off percolator.. head down, bum up.
Zero clue what you are trying to tell me there buddy.
   Maybe he thinks I am a slow hen? Rather like Zippy the Pinhead?
"Zippy" the pinhead..
  Zippy was almost named Winnie.. as she is a bird of very little brain. Sorta sweet, just she still hasn't figured out freckles are not food after all of this time... and blood. My feet will forever have "croc dots" as she figures a few life basics out. 

 Behind Zippy you can see a bit of straw on the patio. The bale of straw we cleverly hid in the dog crate (which has no door) was discovered.. and they "sploderized" it everywhere.
  It is possible some of the hens could be laying. I keep looking, but so far no luck. I am hunting down objects to use in the nestboxes as I can't find wooden eggs, and tossed our Easter eggs when we moved. The upside with so many roosters sleeping in nesting boxes, is that they fight a LOT less when in their condos. 

 We got a frost the other night. It wasn't too heavy, so a few things are still clinging to life. I am however realizing that when we really get nailed by the cold, I will have less excuses for this many roosters. 

  Lately, they have really been packing on weight. They aren't eating the pellets, and still the same amount of scratch is sprinkled out.. but a lot of grass has gone to seed. They also are dining all day on alfalfa and clover in the fields when not stealing apples from the crate on the back porch. You can't find a slug, cricket, or grasshopper within a 200 foot radius of the coop.

 Still learning a lot, always researching.. still have yet to stumble upon something regarding odd birds. The farm neighbors across the street, a couple in their 80's, well... he's a bit of a joker. It is a gamble asking him for advice. It's like asking John Cleese and Robin Williams to write a Presidential address. For the record... if they did... that may be the only time I'd be wanting to listen!! I am open to any poultry advice..

 In case you ever wonder what that "look" is.. by a chicken.. right before they hop on to your head.. or peck you..
And a second later... I couldn't see a thing.

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  1. I heard that you could use golf balls in the nest boxes. We never used any props. We raised 50 hens on pasture in a movable coop and they laid just fine.