Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I refuse to call you Legolas

 My husband got a compound bow... a TSS Quadraflex in perfect condition.. for $20.

 The arrows went through 2 bales of straw and sunk very very deeply into a log. Archery session over.. lol.. until he can get the arrows free.

 I stomped his foot on accident when he called me Frodo.



  1. Legolas...:) $20 for a decent compound bow is pretty incredible.

  2. I'd say you strike me more as a Galadriel.

  3. hubby has a right-handed ben pearson cougar re-curve and an antique re-curve that he can shoot from the left side...he is something to watch when he switches sides...and his aim is dead on.

    makes me weak at the knees!

    i have been enjoying your comments on some of the blogs that i read and have in my blogroll...i am now adding yours!

    nice blog you got here. i will enjoy catching up on all of your previous posts.


  4. @ PP.. lol.. a Kenny Rogers moment.. know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away.. and KNOW WHEN TO RUN!!!!

    @ Mr. H.. it is a nice bow. Hunting is his excuse, so I let it slide, as I hope for a recurve. I loved archery as a kid, would love to do it again!

    @ Arsenius... ok, now you're just buttering me up!!! Ty kindly.. I totally am grinning.

    @ Kymber.. Hiya! I like reading your posts too. I'll link back to yours.

    It's ramblings and thoughts. I'm not a survivalist or a prepper really.. just with current times the need to do such a thing is evident. I just saw a huge problem with agriculture, which the toxicity was driven home often when it came to my littlest sister and the daily battle.

    Right now we are back at the family's neglected farms and working ever so slowly to rebuild them. A daunting task as over 20 years of nature has taken a big toll.

    To say I don't trust the food industry.. would be a massive understatement. It is unsustainable under current methods, and toxic to boot. I've always saved seeds, just now there is a reason.. diversity is threatened, and the current "seed companies" are actually chemical companies. Big pharma controls our food. The patenting of crops, GMO, and the whole ball of wax, to me spells out impending disaster.

    It is from the very backyards that defiance of these practices can be made and could buffer what is to come.