Tuesday, October 4, 2011

time is fleeting

 A lot to contemplate, a lot to research.. and trying to find the time. I will get to it shortly. In particular about nutrient content in preserved foods has me curious.. and nutrients in soil.

 Rock dust, aka greensand.. and actually a few more names it goes by.. seems to be a huge trend. It is primarily a mineral source that is mined from ancient marine beds. Essentially ancient fossilized compost. It's touted attributes is remineralization of soil... which leads to higher nutrient content in what is grown.

 Biochar is yet another. Biochar is essentially charcoal produced in an oxygenless environment. It is a by product of many industrial processes, as well it can naturally occur when burning biomass is then smothered. 

 I will get into all of it later, right now we are busy with quite a few situations. The sale of our home is potentially up a creek as someone has broken in, stole yet more things, caused a lot of damage. *sigh* Pacific Heights.. I'm living it.

 My sister is as well sliding quickly as she continues to battle stage 4 pancreatic cancer. It has spread very far and very vigorously.. and now has progressed into her lungs. 

 Really hard to keep focus, or find the time to.. hence the fluffy previous post. I hope you all are holding out better. It is getting strange around here to boot.. as today horses were stolen from a local barn. Sadly one of the horses belongs to a child with Downs Syndrome.. and the horse is not just a pet, but therapy.

 Keep safe.


  1. The stealing must be happening all over the place. Where we used to live there were a couple of kids who stole some cows to start their own dairy. I just wonder what people are thinking.

    I am so sorry to hear about your sister. My thoughts are with you and your family~

  2. I've use green sand for years when growing herbs...but, not sure if helps or not.

  3. I'm sure sorry to hear all you have on your plate. Sometimes life doesn't hardly seem worth living. I hope it works out ok for you.

  4. @ Peterson.. crazy isn't it?! That's not the only case of livestock napping out here, just the most recent. This town is one where no one locks their doors, and times are such that now they are having to do just that.

  5. Ouch. I am sorry to hear about your bad luck Anne. I haven't heard of any livestock theft here abouts. A break in or two close by which hasn't happened here in well... I can't remember it ever happening.

    I hope things improve hon.

  6. @ Stephen.. it helps put several trace nutrients back, so it is helpful. What elements are available depends on location, composting, topsoil thickness, irrigation.. even what industries are nearby.

  7. @ Arsenius.. It is hard.

    The person who is breaking in had a key.. we changed the locks. Then they got in by breaking the basement window, we shut off the power to the house. Since shutting off the electric the other day, they broke the large windows in what was my daughter's room, kicked holes in the walls, defecated and urinated in various locations, shattered glass all over the carpeting, ripped out the utility sink... it goes on and on.

    What's worse.. is our former tenant is aware my sister is dying and what his antics have done to our finances.

    I have to go look up some alarms for the windows.. seems a bear trap isn't legal to put in the window well.

  8. @ PP ty. We'll figure it out somehow. The "humanity" of people seems to be rapidly eroding. What they did to our place.. rather amazing with that misplaced anger. Love to get my hands on them... or leave them in a small room with my Mom.. lol

  9. Signs of the times are everywhere, eh? Sorry you're having to deal with a crappy ex-tenant. With all the damages and financial problems he's causing, maybe it would be worth it to invest in a security system of some sort? Hidden cameras that would catch him in the act and allow you to take him to court, maybe?

    I'm also very sorry to hear about your sister. It is a difficult thing to watch someone you care about, ravaged by cancer. I'll pray for her, and your family.

  10. I wish security cameras was a financial possibility! We knew coming out here it would take awhile to find work, and planned accordingly. We had even planned an allotment just in case we needed to find another tenant. The finances to boot the tenant out.. we did not have. We did not realize *what* kind of person they were until it was too late. They passed all of the typical things that get checked, even came recommended by a good friend (who had no idea.. not surprising.. this guy was smarmy and soul-less as all get out.)

    We were rather distracted by my Mom's health scare (mini-strokes and out of control blood pressure) overlapped with my sister's health (the search to find out what was wrong.. then the discovery of it being pancreatic cancer.. and how far it spread.)

    Never ask what else could go wrong!! The list of possibilities is endless!!

    Always make sure you have the finances to protect yourself. We didn't budget for that. The end result is we are losing our home.

    I really don't know how people can be so litigation happy. It seems those that actually need it.. are defenseless when most in need.

    It makes you believe, and see, that justice can only be purchased.