Wednesday, May 26, 2010

allergic or something

There are no mosquitoes out this way so far.. Either I am encountering something I am allergic to or it is some sort of odd bug bites. It is on my hands, arms.. probably about a dozen of them now.. crazy wicked itchy little blisters.

Like right now it nailed my left index finger and is really hard to ignore. I ran out of Benadryl... and my hands are getting puffy.

I tend to worry about the worst on occasion... and admittedly my first thought was bed bugs. Highly doubtful as bedbugs tend to bite in clusters and not like what I have. That and I am the only one with these bites.

There are a few things I am allergic to... gold in my skin (I can wear rings, but not earrings. My Dad was also allergic to gold even more so as he had to opt for a platinum wedding band.) wild parsnip (although that is more of a chemical burn... that plant is wicked! I caught a horse that spooked and ran back to the barn.. riderless. Not hard as all the horses loved me for the near daily supply of treats I brought them. Anyways.. the bridle had been in contact with wild parsnip. I got MASSIVE blisters on my hands as a result. I have been stung by jellyfish before and some jellyfish will leave you with pretty huge blisters.. the wild parsnip made previous jellyfish blisters look like a joke. And to think it is naturalizing in America's midwest... sigh.).. some bee stings (I seem to get nailed by a yellowjacket every year and each time the swelling gets mush worse).. and chili peppers. The chili pepper reaction is from extensive exposure.

I make a mean green chili and once I jokingly told the guys I'd make it if they brought the roasted chili peppers. I sure as hell wasn't expecting them to show up the next day with 2 bushels of roasted chili peppers!!!! Even with 2 pairs of gloves on deskinning that many still burned my hands. I made stock pot after stock pot of it. Strong enough to peel off paint, I thought I had made enough for the guys to freeze and enjoy when the craving hit. It lasted all of 2 weeks and they showed up with more roasted chilies. Learned my lesson... gave their wives and girlfriends the general recipe and told the guys to spoil their women if they wanted more. Their butts must be made of asbestos. Eyes tearing, faces red, sweating .. they would hold out their bowls and ask for more. Oliver Twist grown up with beer bellies and some sort of demented enjoyment of self inflicted pepper torture. Getting a high of the chili pepper heat... aka middle aged crisis as expressed by mild mannered men.

ITCH ITCH ITCH... gah!! I need to go stick my finger in ice water. It is more like bug bites. I can't compare it to poison ivy/ oak/ sumac because I am not allergic to those but this does remind me of when I had chicken pox as a little kid.

Here's to hoping it isn't bed bugs, or any other bug.

itch itch itch itch itch itch itch itch
itch itch itch itch itch itch itch itch itch itch itch itch itch itch itch itch


  1. oh wow, sounds horrible! I hope you figure out what caused it and I hope it heals quickly!

  2. ty Janice! It's gotta be something in the yard. A few days ago I brushed my bangs away from my face with the back of my wrist and well.. I look like someone socked me! The Benadryl helped a lot with the swollen eye, and aside from the itching I have to admit I found it very funny. Really happy I didn't get it in both eyes!