Saturday, May 29, 2010

Peas and Pak Choi

Ok so this one is neither peas nor Pak Choi, it is Red Russian Kale. I wish I could capture the coloring better, but it was mid day and it made all of my pictures a bit faded. Aside from being quite tasty, the coloring is fricken cool.

We had a mini heat wave and the result is many of my cabbages that are planted in full sun areas bolted like my sister for a Jimmy Choo sale.

Cabbage blooms when unopened can be cooked like Broccoli Raab, even the tender green seed pods can be eaten. These I will trim off the stem and it hopefully will reset... unless another heat wave in the 90's happens again.

I found a really old packet of peas... Alaska. A shelling pea that is supposed to be able to handle a bit more heat than others. Just enough sprouted and survived some rather pesky birds for me to be able to save a good amount of seeds (and maybe a few to add to pasta).

This is a different variety of peas.. I have 4 different kinds spaced out in various beds to minimize cross pollination. I have to look at my chart to remember the name of this snow pea variety. I just think it is cute how they hold on to each other for support.

I will replant more kale and cabbage in late summer/ early fall. I wish I had more room so I could plant a ton of peas and sweet peas. Their flowers are so cheery. I plan to save enough seeds from these 4 cultivars so that I will be set for the next few years.

*knock on wood* I will save the seeds provided Mother Nature will be kind enough to let it happen.

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