Thursday, May 27, 2010

Honeybees everywhere

They are adorable. Seriously I am smitten by these guys. They don't buzz around your head. They are so focused on their mission. Every great once in awhile one may land on you to take a breather, and then it continues on.

There is a cloud of them on my patio. I can't even begin to explain how mellow these bees are. It is surreal. Even with my dog's fiercely wagging tail smacking them in midair, they don't get mad. They scour over each and every plant in the trays looking for blooms. To the beekeeper who has these precious little beings in their care... thank you. I haven't cut my lawn in waaay too long so they have more dandelion flowers to visit... oh, and sorry if your honey has a faint onion flavor, but they are loving the chives a bit too much!

I keep the trays a tad overwatered... someone who keeps bees said they are probably collecting minerals and other nutrients from the soil. They can drink as much as they want. The soil is ancient recycled (multiple times through the worm bins), vermicompost and compost from lawn/ garden scraps. Just keep coming back when my other plants are blooming! They won't venture to my neighbor's yard just a few feet away.. not surprising as they tend to use various chemicals.

When not weeding, turning compost, hand turning soil in the garden... I have been trying to exercise. I have given up on losing weight, I am doing this because I need more energy. Didn't buy that? F-f-fine! lol busted. I have been unable to stop from having a glass of sweetened ice tea. To make sure my blood sugar doesn't freak out I exercise right after. Lemon, mint and a little honey... I am trying to be good, but it is so refreshing and yummy!


  1. I love bees too! I wish I had the know-how of keeping them. A bee keeping friend once told me, "for now, I'm a bee-haver. I hope to keep them though"! They really love our garden's flowering herbs; blue basil, cilantro/coriander, rosemary, thyme and the garlic chives if I allow them to flower. The also LOVE the citrus blossoms. I interplant my strawberries with Sweet Alyssum and bees make sure my berries are pollinated as well. I wish I knew where their hive is, some of them build their hives inside of people's house walls and then they get exterminated. We've had swarms build their hives in our sprinkler box twice!

  2. They swarmed to you twice?!? Miss Janice that would be the Universe sayin... Here's your sign! lol
    I keep looking up the regulations for keeping bees here. I'd have to do some measuring to figure out where and if it would be possible. I know my husband could make the hives easy peasy. Up until recently you could have pit bulls here... but no "barnyard" animals... go figure.
    I also think you would be good at it! Tag along with a bee buddy! If you can make gluten/dairy/ egg free pastries that yummy... beekeeping should be a snap! lol