Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's Growing

The chives are in full bloom. I figured I would take a few pictures before I started tossing them into our salads. I have more than enough to eat and to leave for seed.

Bummer the color washed out on this picture. I must admit I am using it as my background atm. Such wonderful perennials, chives take such abuse and still thrive. I find them just as pretty as they are useful. Spread over baked potatoes, blended in olive oil and spices to be used to make salad dressing, I go through a lot and still have tons to share.

The blue potatoes are sprouted. My daughter really wanted them and of course her Dad picked them up for her. She was so excited she ran out to plant them the moment she had them in her hot little hands. I just shook my head as the location she chose I had just seeded with leek. Harvesting may prove to be difficult as the leek take much longer to grow.

Remember I said everything grows in my worm bin? Well that is a carrot top trimming that had not sprouted.. until I put it in the bin. I am curious if it will flower and go to seed as this would be it's second year. I just had to plant it to find out. I fished out a few more to expand the experiment.

The garlic planted last fall is doing well. It has been beaten up by hail quite a bit, but despite the battering they recovered well. Most should be larger bulbs, but there will be small ones as well because I couldn't help but plant the runt cloves too.

I have more yet going on but the rechargeable batteries in the camera keep dying so quickly.

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