Monday, May 17, 2010

Collapse of Common Sense

"Collapse" is not quite accurate as it can be historically pointed out on every continent a grave lack of forethought at one time or another.
Common sense implies that one has deduced what will happen, or what is most likely to happen and is then able to reason the right course of action before taking action. Some situations, especially with repetitive occurrences, it becomes a reflexive choice. Some situations, particularly foreign ones, it may take quite awhile. It is like chess. (
Little kids will berate others with an endless onslaught of "why" because they are still aquiring an informational base from which to reason. Before you stop the machine gun prattle of why why why why... realize the potential for this person to be a free thinker. Be proud and encourage wanting to know more, it is a part of what defines being a human. )
It is a process most people underutilize. Far too often people settle for a superficial answer rather than inquire any further. It allows others to think for them. Right or wrong, like sheep, the mentally impotent flock under whatever trendy banner attracts them.
Here's an example of an oxymoron run rampant.... Politically Correct. Seriously... if you have even one whit of common sense you wouldn't rely on that to shape your moral compass. The phrase alone "Politically Correct" has somehow been used, abused, and brandished to be a flimsy trump card to end an arguement of what is right and what is wrong. Common sense would question why is it right, why is it wrong... and ideally following a train of thought back to a point where one is able to make a decision.
"The Golden Rule"... aka... do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I am not religious at all... yet I find this simple sentence quite brilliant and a sound perspective from which to conduct myself.
Common sense requires thought, forethough, and application of one's intellect.

The whole "PC" thing.. a tirade into itself. (If cultural injustices were to be perpetuated and penance demanded for historical wrong doings... my family would be screwed. We are a mishmash. Who and how can you hold another culture in debt or force guilt upon what previous generations have done, when you yourself are a compilation from several clashing cultures? You can't without being a total hypocrit.)

I potentially may succumb to another rant if provoked... but right now I have to tend to my garden while the weather is wonderful.

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