Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Egads... mayflies!

 It is 2:30 am.. still sweltering hot and we have just been blessed with the arrival of Mayflies by the billions. 

 Getting pelted from every direction.

 I need... an anti-bug bubble. 

 Old school style screens are just not cutting it.. too gappy on the sides (not inset into the frame).. it has become the unofficially official Beetle-Ant-Gnat-Whoknewsomethingthatbigcouldfly expressway. 

 It would be much easier to sleep if I wasn't so concerned about what just tried to fly up my nose....

 Less than 4 hours until sunrise.. then off to water trees and the gardens..


  1. Yikes! Good luck sleeping. I get off shift in six hours :-(

  2. I hate horseflies. They are the worse IMO. At least tey don't come around at night!!!

  3. It started to rain awhile ago. Sweet relief. Have to run to the bigger farm because I think I left the windows open!!