Monday, June 6, 2011

of coops and cages

 The apple saplings are settling in very well as are 2 of the 3 plums. The cherry are trying.. and we are hoping they hang in there. The pears and apricots didn't break dormancy, so I will see about getting new ones. I think Arbor Day has a guarantee so I'd just have to cover shipping for the replacements. The elderberry are doing well, and so is the hazelnut.. but they were smaller and the location has a good amount of clay.. so we have to check them daily as well.

 Just the 2 forsythia and red maple left to plant...  of the trees/ shrubs anyways. Still a lot more planting left to do in the garden.

 Today we make tomato cages and hunt the old barn for wood. It's in the 90's and the ever lovely humidity abounds.

 Did I mention we don't have air conditioning? Whee. 

 The birds.. must.. move.. out. I admit I totally hovered over their cuteness in an over-protective way. They are feathering out now, and honing their escape skills. The guinea keets in particular are like Houdini.. with feathers.. and fluffy butts.

 This morning for example... while on the "throne".. I had the bejeezus scared out of me. You see.. the toilet paper is on a metal stand, with a rack on the bottom for a few extra rolls. This rack never gets refilled unless I do it.. and well.. too darn tired to have loaded it up the other day. Anyways, when I reached for the paper.. it moved. I had assumed my kid or husband was last in there and left a long tail on the tp (you know what I mean.. unrolled by about 10 inches). 

 Keet Richards was on the rack happily unrolling the toilet paper. I hadn't realized they escaped.. yet again.. from the "further reinforced.. by gosh these birds will not escape now" containment extras my husband created.

 He created the lid when during his shower he had 4 little guinea visitors perched on the shower curtain rod. They had wandered over to say hello and look out the window. Curious little buggers get into everything. The first lid didn't work... as demonstrated by Kate the white keet hanging out in the cupboard. She keeps trying to get into the cupboard because there are shiny things there... and  cotton balls are EXCITING. MUST... RUNNN... with cotton baaaaallls!! 

 So off we go to check out and sort old planks from the ancient barn. Not much left to work with as the elements are now able to nail the wood from 3 sides.

 Buffalo gnats are also a problem.. I worry they could kill my little peeps.

 Off we go.. wish us luck finding enough decent materials to get these birds their own home.

Peeps out. 


  1. I so want guineas now.... But my cat would kill them I think.

    Sounds like a million laughs anyway!!!

  2. They are nuts.. but definitely get them very very young and handle them daily. Then they mellow out. Our are kind of in-between.. not really scared of us.. curious what we are doing.. but do not like to be held. Still a work in progress. Total food mongers. Ours are obsessed with chickweed. Kinda like a cat in that they would rather decide when to deal with you lol.

    When we can... I'd love lots more of these guys.

    When relaxed they assume the rubber chicken position. They totally sprawl out with their legs sticking out behind them... The first few times we saw them sleep like this I thought they were dead! lol

  3. Just when I think my life gets interesting, I read your blog. I have NO animals scaring bejeezuses out of my on my throne...although there is ALWAYS a toddler or two staring at my...well...nevermind.

    I left some questions about my corn and squash post, if you have the time? Maybe you can take a laptop into the throne room?