Thursday, June 9, 2011

use of right wrist optional

 Not sure how I did it, but I woke up to my right wrist hurting extremely badly. Not cool. Unable to pick up a coffee cup, this is going to make things interesting today. I am hoping I can find my wrist brace.. I know I packed it somewhere.

 Last night it stormed fiercely. The temperature plummeted to a blissfully chilly 70 something. YAY! Gusts of wind were so strong that the huge maple ruthlessly beat against the roof. I am pretty worried about what it may have done to my tomato plants at the farm, but happy to be here. For a long moment this morning I thought a tornado was coming, so I'm just happy there wasn't one, and that the maple is not in our living room.

 Today I am going to get some baking done. My neighbor is a saint. She brought over dinner a couple of times on those sweltering days. To not have to cook when it is blazing hot was fabulous. 

 Still working on tomato cages.. still "debating" about the coop design with my husband. 

 We are still hoping and waiting for my husband to get a call for a job interview. Just need a break, a bit of good luck...  

 I'm laughing because my husband just asked what I am tackling today. He is quite aware that my wrist hurts.. and that I wanted to plant yet more seeds. To which he was like "well, just drop 'em in with your left hand. That way it will be like a stranger is doing it."

 Hilarious dear..  o_o 

 Planting is out of the question, but if I could just find my wrist brace I could tackle some baking. Not even a minute later he's back with it. 

 I'd better get started, as they are now putting in requests.


  1. I guess he really wanted some bake goods :)

    Hope your hand gets better and you been getting all our rain lately too. Although we got a little tonight.

  2. Bad strain, carpal tunnel? What is it? Don't know if it will help you but I keep a menthol rub for aches. I slather it on at night and pain is usually gone by morning. Of course, if I apply it with my left hand, it feels like a stranger is...well...nevermind. ;-)

  3. Dangit! Lost my comment. Stupid left hand.

    I mentioned a menthol rub for aches. Maybe thats why the comment failed. I said "left hand" and "rub" in the same comment.

  4. @ OJD ahahahaha!! too funny :) I think I did something to the tendon. It's much better when I keep the brace on. Johnny on the Spot was there to make sure the cookies and cake made it safely in and out of the oven. Ran to the store to grab some more ingredients... they brought 2 pieces of cake to the neighbors (huuuge pieces.. filled up a dinner plate).. By the time I got back, the cake was gone. (Just got back from the farm.. so the comment was delayed posting.. sorry!)

    @ PP.. yep got some rain! Was really nice not having to water, but the weeds... oh the weeds!! Poof... green shag rug of weeds.