Wednesday, June 15, 2011

the urge to garden

Mycobacterium vaccae...... a common bacteria found in soil that is found to trigger anti-depression and anti-anxiety reactions. So quite possibly the need to garden can be similar to the cravings for a certain food. The urge to garden, to be outside suddenly seems like a logical, natural craving in current times.

 Just an odd thought I had.

 Meanwhile the field at the small farm has been cut, dried, rolled and wrapped in huge round bales, hauled off and today.. the neighbor spread literally tons of aged manure all over it. It is raining right now, so the fields should perk up very quickly with fresh lush green growth. Tractors are toys for grown boys who like lots of nifty attachments.

 I made a chart of the fruit trees that I planted. Tomorrow I will make duplicates and include variety information. After a couple of years I'll probably put in metal identification tags with the variety name and date planted etched into it.

 I hear the buzzer on the dryer. That would be my cue to say "Good night Gracie" and head to bed. Take care all... 


  1. We have been talking about making stenciled tags for our trees too, wish I would have been doing this all along as we now have a lot of stenciled tags to make.

    Interesting thoughts on soil and well being...I am a believer. I can see it now, in the future people will be in the psychiatrist's office with their fingers stuck in a bowl of dirt.:)

  2. I thought about stenciled tags.. but wanted something that lasted longer. As I don't have time to carve the names into rocks (although that would be cool).. etching on metal seemed the next best longer lasting idea.

    It explains why "Fresh air will do you some good"... or why a walk through the woods can improve your mood. Gardening gives the extra bonus (or frustration) when you can reap what you sow. :)