Tuesday, April 20, 2010

copper and ketchup

I am really not sure how wise this is, but it was an experiment out of boredom.

Heinz ketchup... aka how to take the tarnish off a copper pot without trying. Oh yes... wipe on... wait 10 seconds... wash off. I do suggest using a pair of gloves or rubber spatula otherwise after a few seconds you do realize the zippy feeling is an electric charge. Very mild... but still a bit annoying.

I swear I will do just about anything to put off weeding. Battling the bindweed and thistles while they are just evil little sprouts right now. And birdhouse gourds my husband chucked into the garden and tilled under last fall... they are sprouting by the billions.

On the upside... I seem to have gotten a rather weedy lot of tomatillos. I hope their flavor is good as they are growing like mad, already transplanted outdoors (oh please no snow... nooooo snow...) and are setting flowers.

Many more decade old seeds are sprouting from a stash I misplaced long ago. Vermicompost is good for that. The nitrogen, gibberellins, auxins, and other plant hormones plus the other nutrients in viable vermicompost works wonders for waking up old seed that may otherwise not have the energy reserves to germinate.

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