Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Flowering Chives and Randy Robins

The chives have been in this pathetic pot for several years. They don't seem to mind that the only attention they get is an infrequent watering and maybe some soil to top it off every other year. It has self seeded a few other locations in the yard too. Once the flowers open, they will be broken up and tossed in our salads. I still will have a ton left for seed.

So the robins have raided my worm bins. Free meals and apparently building supplies. These may well be either the laziest or most brilliant birds yet. The nest is only 5 feet off the ground in a pine tree that is literally inches from one of my gardens. They wait for me to turn the soil and snatch up any worms I unearth. Then they pop back into the nest and wait for more... or they dive bomb me. It's more of an obnoxious fly by than dive bombing.

They have been at it all day, and it seems they have had success... or at least they now have their first egg. They really should be less brazen. I mean if they were to pull these antics in a yard with a real cat or dog, there would be serious issues. My dog don't hunt. Neither does the cat... well, her thing is inanimate objects.

Anyways, the nest is actually really pretty. She may be the Martha Stewart of the robin society. She probably thinks her spouse is a daring stud as he hops within a few feet of the scary human. Now if they would just stop raiding the worm bin... garden worms are a free for all, but plucking my wiggly workers out of the bin is just going too far. The escapees from the bin they can have (and they have made quick work out of several hundred that bolted one morning.)

Speaking of which, I need to make a screen to harvest some vermicompost. The bin is showing signs of an impending mass exodus. Eggs everywhere and very high population makes them want to look for less crowded locations.

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