Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring doesn't wait for sanity

So yeah, had a bit of a meltdown. It happens to me on occasion when I feel I am always fighting to stay above water. Just have to keep going and find the energy to go. Dreamers often have nightmares.

Spring won't wait for sanity. So for the last few days I have been hunting thistle and bindweed. Have to dig as much of them up as possible. Those evil weeds store a ton of energy in their roots and trying to snuff them now is easier. Trying to get organized (ha!), I can dream.

I am trying to do as much as I can. I am too young to be this run down. It is a bitter pill to swallow when your personality is to be defiant, and then you have to ask for help to do something that you should be able to do on your own. My Dad was very similar to Archie Bunker. Girls can be teachers, mothers, a secretary or nurse. I was a tom boy. Tell me a girl couldn't do something and I would do my best to prove them wrong.

Divide and conquer. I refuse to give up. Dammit, lawns are boring! So instead of looking at the big picture, I am taking pride in my myopic victories. Big long list, just focusing on one at a time starting with the most time sensitive.

I have told the cat, if she destroys one more flat of seedlings I will coat her in bacon grease and let the dog have her as a giant feline lollipop.

I have told the dog, any more antics and he will be walked around the neighborhood dressed as a butterfly. Public humiliation. Oddly he likes the flower headbands, but the butterfly wings bother him. He breaks into the garden because he likes to "bury" his treasures in the irises. Actually, the rottie in him makes him so lazy that he won't really dig, he just finds a depression and calls it good enough. My daughter let him have a pig's ear, left the open bag on a chair. When I went to water the irises I can only say it looked like Martha Stewart tried to spruce up a slaughter house. It is right up there with the cow femur and cosmos, rawhide and hollyhocks, squeaky toys and lilacs.

He gets a bit odd with the whole protect the family from the evil doers on the other side of the fence (rottie and chow in him, protect the family). They can come in the yard, he is fine, in the house he is fine (he'll show them his food bowl should they want a snack), he'll share his toys (but not his treasures. There are somethings he will not share and will revert back to that hungry, food crazy, freaky, abused puppy from long ago.) Just the fence... that is the stupid line. Reinforced by ignorant, mean spirited, bored teenagers that threw rocks (and hit him) repeatedly.. it is a hard behavior to undo. He won't bark at strollers though, he loves babies. He will pace the fence with them wagging his tail at top speed. Babies are tasty. The shepard and collie in him... round up the little people.

He's a total mutt. Rottie, chow, german shepard and collie... he's quirky, lazy, extremely loving, chatty, expressive, sneaky, food and attention motivated, and prone to eating anything you toss. (paper wrapper, a lip balm, his vitamins, a worm.) I about dry heaved on that one... he ate a worm I pulled off the pitchfork and was trying to toss back into the garden. Big huuuuge fat gray worm, snatched out of the air and swallowed.

Anyways, the garden is fenced off. He will wiggle his big furry self into spaces I never thought possible, so if I am in the garden he will try to get in. Must protect family from the fence dwellers. He will lay between me and the fence, thousands of carefully tended seedlings meet their demise this way.

Seedlings, cold weather ones are started, many planted outside already, now the warm weather ones are in order. Peppers and eggplant were started awhile ago, tomatillos and some tomatoes as well. I have to start the next set of tomatoes, cosmos, basil, dill, squash, etc. I planted the potatoes yesterday, and more peas..

I better get back to the garden. My husband decided to double the size of it and is still wanting to expand. If he thinks this gets himself more free time to disc golf he has another thing coming!


  1. Gotta love those pets Anne! "Happy" our Golden Cocker Retriever, loves to make his bathroom calls on our little spot of lawn or under the fig tree, even though he has his very own "spot" to do his business. He also loves to curl up right in the middle of our carrot bed, or whatever raised bed we don't guard with a bunch of pokey branches... at least he's not a digger (thank goodness) He's an old boy, 13 this year so he's mostly happy just plopping himself somewhere comfy. Lori our kitty will find a nicely tilled bed to make it her very own extra-large kitty litter, until I find her and spray her with water. Your husband is funny, he's wanting to expand more!? Mine is saying, slow down already! I've had a bout of ill-health for the past year, always feeling slow, lethargic, sick, weak and not all there. It turned out that I was anemic, even though I eat meats, because of my body's inability to convert vitamin B12 into useable form from the meats/fish. I would get sick from colds, that turned into flu-like symptoms that would persist for eternity(or so it seemed) and be in a constant state of moderate depression. I started seeing a naturopath nutritionist who gave me lots of supplements to help my body heal. It's taken a while, but I think I'm finally regaining my old energy back. I hope you can find your right healthcare for you too. Best wishes!

  2. I am lucky that our cat, Gypsy doesn't like coffee grounds. I put plenty of that in the gardens, but also created an area she could go. A lot of sand in an out of the way place that she likes seems to have done the trick. Catnip in the garden too (they won't go where their food is.) The catnip in the garden isn't on purpose and invasive as all get out, so when the volunteers get big enough I dig them up and send them to friends with cats (or hang them to dry). Gypsy is a nip fiend.
    I have to say your blog does keep me motivated and inspired to keep going. Keep trying something new. I am near Denver, and the gardening here is a challenge to say the least. I have to garden, it keeps me from hopping fences to kidnap seeds. lol