Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hail Hail go away

Go away hail and take the dang snow with ya!

Cold frames... they are soooooo on my list.

So this is part of my daughter's playground. The fort section that I had enclosed in curtains, way back when she could actually stand up under the smaller section. We had a table and small butterfly chairs so they could picnic on snacks I packed in a basket. There were neighbors just a few doors down that had 2 daughters. The youngest was a few months older than my daughter and the oldest was 3 years older.

The girls would drag a wagon loaded with supplies I packed up to the park. Cell phone, blanket, picnic basket, drinks, kites, bubble wands, sunscreen.. all set. They would meet up with several other kids also intent on trying to fly kites on a windless day.

The dog would be soooo excited to go with that he would bounce around making it difficult to get a leash on him. He wasn't exactly protection... he was there to clean up anything spilled by the girls. A job he does very diligently.

So it snowed a bit today. Nothing stuck but it was enough to send me scrambling to drag in trays of tender seedlings and cover the tomatillos.

The chilly weather was perfect for beef barley stew and to do some baking. Double chocolate cherry cake, cinnamon bread, herbed garlic rolls and apple crisp. My house smells amazing. And what did I have for dinner....undressed salad. I'm trying to be good. Actually I have to be. Although my blood sugar levels are somewhat decent I have been dizzy as all get out for the last few days.

I've been to the doctor about it several times in the past... and as usual they saw my blood sugar was ok and blew it off. The only way I can explain the dizzy spells is imagine spinning like crazy on a chair and then also getting up super fast. That's what it is like... the spins with the sensation of almost blacking out. It hits out of nowhere like an Acme piano. Scary when it happens in the kitchen. It has made me topple out of the shower a few times taking the curtain and sending everything flying. Iron levels are fine too.

Anyways... no salt, no sugars, no cholesterol, low fat, no processed food diet maybe bland and somewhat torturous but I'd rather deal with that than almost taking a header into the stove while making the family dinner.

Oh yeah... whoooooole lotta fiber when you eliminate basically almost everything except select veggies.

Water with crushed mint... an odd thing I have been enjoying. Coffee was one of the first things nixed off the list... I miss you oh lovely steamy cup of joy.

Time for sleep... right after I finish this cup of tea.

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