Monday, September 27, 2010

7th hottest, 8th driest .. and it's making me crabby

 Still a few days left to this month and it is looking like we will jump up to being the 5th hottest September on record.. and while currently we have had less than 1/10th of an inch of rain.. we may move up the ranks for being so dry as well as no rain is on the horizon.

 I tried heading out to the back garden to try to round up the zucchini, green beans and tomatoes but there is a cloud of agitated yellowjackets preventing such an endeavor. It isn't a swarm.. I have seen that too often here as well. A swarm looks like a low flying black cloud.. a migrating shadow.. this is wasp frenzy. Frantic and furious they slam into you like bumper cars. When one got stuck in my hair.. any bravery and determination vaporized as I peeled out of the garden screaming like an insane fool. First thing I could grab to get the little beast out of my hair before it stung me.. the dog brush. Not a proud moment for me... only further enhanced by my neighbors lounging on the deck and witnessing the whole spectacle. 

 Minimal sleep, blazing sun, and the heat have me feeling a bit waspish with a raging headache.

 The heat and extended summer is lovely for the tomatoes and peppers.. but hell on the water bill. Only 4 tomatillo plants this year has provided more than enough for us. I discovered that one of them is a pineapple tomatillo.. not exactly my favorite.. but my daughter likes them... sorta. 

 Definitely an anti-social kind of day... or rather selective socialization. Like facebook would send me into a tizzy right now. My verbal filter is not to be trusted today around those that drive me nuts on a good day.

 Today is a good day to organize and sort seeds.. to clean out the fridge.. scrub the cabinets.. organize the pantry.. right after I pop some Tylenol and banish this headache in a cold shower.

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